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X-Payments user manual
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Configuring X-Payments
  4. Managing Users
  5. Managing PIN-codes
  6. Customizing the Interface
  7. Managing Payments
  8. Unistalling X-Payments
  9. Upgrading
  10. PA-DSS implementation guide
  11. FAQ
  12. Troubleshooting
  13. Glossary
  14. Appendix A. Supported payment gateways
  15. See also

X-Payments is a PA-DSS certified web-based payment application designed for merchants who accept credit card payments using background payment gateways listed in Appendix A and who require compliance with the PCI DSS standard. X-Payments can be used together with major shopping carts including:

While processing credit card payments, X-Payments works as an intermediary between a store on one side and payment gateways and 3D-Secure systems on the other side. See detailed explanation at X-Payments:How It Works and the diagram below.


Since October 11, 2013, X-Payments version 2.0 is available that is certified to the latest version of PCI Council’s standard, PA-DSS 2.0. On the list of PA-DSS certified applications on the PCI Council website, X-Payments 2.0 is listed as "X-Cart Payments":

With X-Payments 2.0 you can:

  • Accept credit card payments from your customers via online payment gateways.
  • Make your online store compliant with the PCI DSS standard which strictly recommends using only PA-DSS validated payment applications for accepting and handling credit card payments.
  • Use "stored" credit card information for new orders, re-orders or recurring payments.
  • Retain total control over the checkout process and avoid risky redirects by incorporating an iFrame credit card form in the store's checkout window.

X-Payments v1.0, the predecessor of X-Payments 2.0, is certified by PA-DSS 1.2 that expires in October 2013. Those who installed and started using X-Payments v1.0 can just continue doing so for any time ahead as it is acceptable for existing deployments. New deployments of X-Payments v1.0 are not allowed after October 28, 2013 due to the PCI Council regulations for PA-DSS certified applications, and we have already stopped selling this version.

Below are a few videos to give you a better idea of how X-Payments works:

X-Payments v2.0 checkout forms in action:

See how customers can save their credit cards for future orders in X-Cart integrated with X-Payments 2.0

How to make new orders for phone and returning customers

How to configure and sell subscriptions with X-Cart and X-Payments

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