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An online store based on X-Cart version 4.1.9 (or later) and connected to X-Payments version 1.0.6 (or later) with one of the latest versions of the X-Payments connector can be configured to display the secure X-Payments generated form for entering payment card information directly on the checkout page in X-Cart - as opposed to the mode in which this form is displayed on a separate page. For the buyer everything looks as though they were entering their credit card details within your regular checkout routine. Embedding the form generated by X-Payments into X-Cart's checkout page is made possible by use of iFrame. iFrame integration for X-Cart&X-Payments checkout routines is part of the X-Payments connector functionality, so it is essential that you should use an up-to-date version of the connector to enjoy this feature. Older versions of the connector (released prior to September 2014) do not support the iFrame feature, so if you last updated your X-Payments connector for X-Cart prior to September 2014, or purchased your X-Cart prior to September 2014 and continue to use the built-in X-Payments connector that came with it, you must update your X-Payments connector be able to use the iFrame feature. Newer X-Payments connector versions (released after September 2014) already include support the iFrame feature, but we still recommend updating to the latest connector version available to ensure that your connector has all the latest features and fixes.

Steps to enable displaying the payment card form in iFrame:

  1. In your X-Cart store's Admin back end, go to the X-Cart Connector settings page and enable the "Use iframe" option (If you are using an older X-Cart versions, this may be called "Use lite interface").
  2. Make sure the "API version" field on the same page is set to "1.2".
  3. In your X-Payments Admin back end, go to the Online Store Details page for your store and enable the "lite" template there.

Here's also a video for how to enable the iFrame feature in X-Cart working with X-Payments:

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