Advanced installation services

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The following tasks are not included into the regular Installation Service price and may require extra charges :

Issue category
PHP, MySQL installation
Apache web server installation/configuration
High Perfomance NginX web server installation/configuration
Transfer of an existing X-Cart store to a new host
Moving data from an existing site to your new e-shop
Installation of 3rd party web software on your server, e.g. forums, content management systems, photo galleries, etc
Secure email communication setup (if you are going to accept credit cards and process them manually)
Security setup: HTTP authorization, security of administrator email notifications, store administration zone access limitation, etc.
PHP/MySQL/Apache upgrade/optimization, X-Cart optimization
SSL certificate installation
Any changes in the server configuration and installation of new applications (PHP, MySQL, etc.) require root access level, therefore are applicable to dedicated servers only. If you host on a shared server, you should ask the hosting administrators to install the necessary programs for you.