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Is there an easy way to grab domestic shipping rates other than using the "func_get_shipping_methods_list" function?

I'm attempting to use the "func_get_shipping_methods_list" function anyway, but I can't figure out how to override the destination address, even though I'm passing it to the function. We need to override the destination so that we calculate the shipping from the company address to our warehouse, rather than from the company address to the user's address.

You should use func_get_shipping_methods_list function to reach this aim. func_get_shipping_methods_list returns PHP array

The key setting in your case is $config['General']['apply_default_country'].

The 'Override destination address before shipping calculated' task is realized here

[~/www/xcart_4_4_x]$ grep -r --include='*.php' "apply_default_country.*Y" *|g -v '=='|g -v '!='
modules/Amazon_Checkout/func.php: $config['General']['apply_default_country'] = 'Y';
modules/Google_Checkout/gcheckout_callback.php: $config['General']['apply_default_country'] = 'Y';

This is code from modules/Amazon_Checkout/func.php

function func_amazon_get_shipping_methods12($cart)
// Option adjustment to avoid empty($userinfo) checking
// $userinfo will be provided by Amazon in callback
$config['Shipping']['enable_all_shippings'] = 'Y';
$userinfo = $cart['userinfo'];
$products = func_products_in_cart($cart, (!empty($user_account['membershipid']) ? $user_account['membershipid'] : ''));

$_need_shipping = func_cart_is_need_shipping($cart, $products, $userinfo, 'dont_check_free_ship_coupons');

if (empty($_need_shipping)) {
$result_cache[$md5_args] = false;
return false;

// Some options require adjustment
$config['Shipping']['enable_all_shippings'] = 'N';

// Emulate the 'apply_default_country' option enabled
$config['General']['apply_default_country'] = 'Y';
$config['General']['default_country'] = $userinfo['b_country'];
$config['General']['default_zipcode'] = $userinfo['b_zipcode'];
$config['General']['default_state'] = $userinfo['b_state'];
$config['General']['default_city'] = $userinfo['b_city'];

$intershipper_recalc = 'Y';

// Get list of all shipping methods that are potentially available for customers
$shipping_methods = func_get_shipping_methods_list($cart, $products, $userinfo);

Adjust $userinfo['b_*'] according to your warehouse address

Or use the code from modules/Google_Checkout/gcheckout_callback.php

[quote]If I wanted to grab the coupon codes being used on a specific order, where should I be looking? Is this included in the $cart data?[/quote]

This variable keeps coupon code applied in the cart after cart recalculation [code] $cart['coupon'] [/code]

The same field has sql xcart_orders table


Elijah Boston


Thank you.