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LiteCommerce Advanced Order Management (AOM) add-on module provides your online store with a powerful and complete order management tool. The main benefits of employing this highly versatile module include the following:

  • The module enables customizing your LiteCommerce system order processing procedures in order to meet your business needs.
  • It introduces the means to make miscellaneous modifications to orders placed in your LiteCommerce system, resulting in ability to provide more responsive customer service.
  • It provides the means for cloning and splitting existing orders and creating new ones.
  • Functionality of the following LiteCommerce add-on components is expanded due to tight integration with AOM add-on module: Product Options, Wholesale Trading, Promotion Tools, Gift Certificates, Advanced Security add-on modules and Real-time Shipping Quotes Package.

Please be aware that the AOM module is just a means for order editing, it is not supposed to bring all the functionality of the customer zone to the admin zone. So, for example, if a special offer is applicable to an order, the store admin will not see it while editing this order using the functionality of the AOM module.


LiteCommerce Advanced Order Management (AOM) add-on module brings an extensive set of improvements to your shopping system. The scope of features varies depending on the list of add-on modules activated on your LiteCommerce-based online store.

Redefining order life cycle

  • Customize order statuses to make your store operations more flexible
  • Create and handle your business-specific order statuses

Review detailed order histories and gain full control over order life cycle

Managing order details

  • Change customer's personal and contact information
  • Edit billing/shipping address of an order
  • Change delivery method of an order
  • Change payment method of an order
  • Add new products to an order
  • Remove products from an order
  • Edit product prices within an order
  • Update quantities and options of products ordered
  • Apply gift certificates and promotional discounts to an order
  • Cancel gift certificates and promotional discounts
  • Clone an order
  • Split an order