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Please follow the steps below:
Please follow the steps below:

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Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the 'My licenses' section in your X-Cart Account.

2. Click the 'Change URL' link opposite the license whose domain is to be changed.

3. Fill in the fields in the request form: - after the words "I wish to change license URL for the product 'your_store_license' from 'the_old_URL' to" type the new URL of your store; - check the checkbox in front of the words " I understand that I have to remove the software from 'the_old_URL' in 48 hours after the license is reissued";

4. Click the 'Request to change license URL' button and follow the procedure.

As soon as your request is placed we shall process it in one business day.

Now that you have changed the license URL of your store and have got the confirmation from us, you are able to change your cart's URL and use this new license in the Admin Area (at the "License" page).

Here's a brief instruction on which steps you should perform in order to launch the store at the new URL. Please be sure that you complete all the stages as they are all obligatory.

1. You will find License Certificate in your X-Cart Account

Go to 'My Licenses' section. There is 'Certificate' link opposite the license. Copy all the text in the 'License certificate:' window and insert it on "License" page of your store Admin Area. Your license has two parts (customer information and license). You should copy the whole text (both parts).

2. Also you should correct 'host settings' in the configuration file, etc/config.php :

Replace the current records :

http_host = "www.domain.com"
https_host = "www.domain.com"
web_dir = "/"

with the following :

http_host = "www.new_domain.com"
https_host = "www.new_domain.com"
web_dir = "/"

After that your cart will be working on new domain. Please make the necessary changes in the 'config.php' file, apply the new license and check the results.