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All legal aspects of LiteCommerce software usage are regulated by LiteCommerce Software License Agreement. Each LiteCommerce software license allows you to run one online store at URL (domain name) to which software license was issued. If you have one license for a domain name you can run only one online store powered by LiteCommerce software at this domain. If more stores are required at this domain the corresponding number of LiteCommerce licenses must be purchased.

LiteCommerce software requires a license certificate file to run. The license certificate is a text file with a digital signature which confirms your rights for the license. Certificate is protected with strong industry standard cryptography methods and is issued by our company after you purchase a license.

During installation process you will be prompted to paste your certificate file and it will be automatically installed into the system. You can still install the software without license certificate however the customer interface of the software will be inaccessible.

How to install LICENSE :

  1. Go to the "My Licenses" section of your X-Cart Account.
  2. Click the "Certificate" link near the license, the license text will appear.
  3. Select and copy to clipboard all the content of the license text. The license text has two parts (customer information and license key). You should copy the full text of the license (both parts).
  4. Go to the LiteCommerce administration back-end, "License" page under "Maintenance" menu.
  5. Paste the license text into the "License text" text-field and click the "Install/Update license" button.