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If I purchase one LiteCommerce license, can I set it up at more than one website ?

No, this is not possible. You will need to purchase a license for each site you build with LiteCommerce. You'll get a significant discount on all LiteCommerce licenses purchased after the first one.

My store was moved to another domain. Is there anything that I must do pertaining to licensing?

You should change the license URL in your X-Cart Account.

  • go to 'My licenses' section;
  • click 'Change URL' link against the license;
  • you will be redirected to the "Change license URL" tab: enter the new license URL in the corresponding field there and tick "I understand that I have to remove the software from old_url within 48 hours after the license is reissued" checkbox;
  • hit 'Change URL' button.

When the records are updated you will be notified by a message (in one business day maximum).

Now that you have changed the license URL of your store and have got the confirmation from us, you are able to change your cart's URL and use this new license in the admin area (Admin area / License).

Here's a brief instruction on which steps you should perform in order to launch the store at the new URL. Please be sure that you complete all steps.

1. Go to 'My Licenses' section under your X-Cart Account. There is 'Certificate' link next to the license. Copy all the text in the 'License certificate:' window and paste it on "Licenses" page of your LiteCommerce admin area. Your license has two parts (customer information and license). You should copy the whole text (both parts).

2. Also you should correct 'host settings' in the configuration file: etc/config.php

http_host = ""
https_host = ""
web_dir = "/"

After that your cart will be working on new domain. Please make the necessary changes in the 'config.php' file, apply the new license and test a result.

How to transfer the license to another party?

LiteCommerce License agreement allows you to transfer your license to another party. Read how to submit a request to transfer your license.

I need to install LiteCommerce at temporary URL. What should I do with License?

There are two types of certificates available: Development license certificate and Commercial license certificate.

Development certificate can be used for testing purposes only (e.g. when developing your online store at your office or home computer). The software will periodically display warning messages in the customer interface notifying that this copy of the software is for development purposes only and cannot be used in live environment. Development certificate expires in 2 months but can be renewed at any time free of charge.

To generate a development certificate, go to your X-Cart Account, in section 'My licenses' follow to 'Developer Certificates' link. Enter a domain and click 'Generate certificate'.

You should use this certificate to install LiteCommerce on your test site.

Commercial certificate does not have the restrictions of Development certificates. You should use your commercial certificate with your live store.

Note: If you misspelled your license URL when purchasing the software you can download and install development certificate while receiving updated commercial license certificate.