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All legal aspects of using LiteCommerce software are regulated by LiteCommerce Software License Agreement supplied to you with the software. This article is provided for your convenience only, to help you better understand our licensing policy, and does not substitute the License Agreement.

Each LiteCommerce software license allows you to run one online store at the URL (domain name) for which software license was issued. If you have a license issued for the domain name '', you can run only one online store powered by LiteCommerce software at this domain. If you are intending to run several stores at this domain, the corresponding number of LiteCommerce licenses must be purchased.

To make your LiteCommerce software fully operational, you must present a valid License Certificate. The License Certificate is a text file with a digital signature which confirms your rights for the license. Certificate is protected using strong industry standard encryption and is issued by our company at the time of software purchase. When installing LiteCommerce software you will be prompted to present your License Certificate file and it will be automatically installed in the system. You can still install the software without the License Certificate; however, the customer interface of the software will be inaccessible.

After you have purchased your copy of LiteCommerce software, you can log into our online Support HelpDesk: and download your License Certificate from there.

Commercial and Development Certificates

There are two types of certificates available: development license certificate and commercial license certificate.

  • Development certificate can be used for testing purposes only (e.g.: when developing your online store at your office or on your home computer). The software will periodically display warning messages in the customer interface notifying that this copy of the software is for development purposes only and cannot be used in live environment. Development certificate expires in 2 months but can be renewed at any time free of charge.
  • Commercial certificate does not have the restrictions of the development certificate. You must use a commercial certificate with your live store.
Hint: If you misspelled your license URL when purchasing the software, you can download and install development certificate while awaiting an updated commercial license certificate to be issued for you.

Domain Aliases

Sometimes for promotional, legal or public issues it is necessary to access the same shop via two or more domain names which actually point to the same web content. In this situation no additional licenses are required for LiteCommerce software. If it is necessary for you to use domain aliases, please contact our support team for assistance.

Moving to Another Domain Name

If you are planning to move your LiteCommerce-based online store to another domain name, you need to contact our customer support and request a license certificate reissue. We will process your request and send you a certificate to be used with your new domain name free of charge. Please note that you must remove the software from the old site before installing it at the new location.