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What is LiteCommerce ?

LiteCommerce is a PHP+MySQL-based e-commerce software which is created to make running e-commerce store as easy as surfing the web. LiteCommerce is created taking into account our experience with our previous e-commerce software products: F-Cart and X-Cart. LiteCommerce has two primary interfaces: customer interface (shopping cart plus integrated product catalog) and admin interface (web-based control center). You can learn more by viewing LiteCommerce feature list, exploring LiteCommerce demo:

- Admin Area

- Customer Area

Does LiteCommerce support PayPal ?

Yes, LiteCommerce does support PayPal. Also, please refer to this article for the list of supported payment gateways.

Do I need to be an experienced developer in order to install LiteCommerce myself ? Do I need HTML knowledge ? Do I need PHP knowledge ?

LiteCommerce is shipped with Windows-based installer. All you need is to run the installer and follow onscreen instructions. Installer will upload LiteCommerce to your web server and configure it. TarBall version of the distribution is avalable for UNIX and MacOS users. You don't have to know HTML and PHP. PHP knowledge is only required if you want to modify the source code of the cart. And HTML knowledge is required if you want to modify the look of the cart without using WYSIWYG web editors like MS FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

I already have a merchant account. Is it possible to use it with LiteCommerce ?

Yes, it is possible. Also, you can find the list of supported payment gateways in this article. If your payment gateway is not listed there, it is possible to integrate your payment gateway support to your LiteCommerce store as a customization within our Custom Development service.

Can I incorporate this software into my existing website ?

Yes, you can. LiteCommerce can be easily integrated with any look and layout by modifying the cart templates. You can modify templates using WYSIWYG web editors (MS FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and others), you can modify HTML code of the templates by hand or you can order our design integration services. Contact us if you need more details.

What service package would I need from Authorize.NET to use their credit card processing services in LiteCommerce ?

LiteCommerce is integrated with using AIM (Advanced Integration Method).

Is it possible to remove LiteCommerce logo from my shopping cart pages ?

Yes, feel free to do this. LiteCommerce's built-in template editor allows you to alter the look of the shopping cart in any way you want.

I see that the demo site uses a list of U.S states. We are located outside the U.S., how easy is it to change the list of states to match our provinces/regions ?

You can easily change the list of states/provinces by using the Admin Interface. There are also pre-defined states/provinces for US, the UK and Canada.

I have several different domain names pointing to the same site. Do I need to purchase several licenses ?

If you have several different domain names pointing to the same site with the same content, 1 license will be enough.

Is it possible to add options to my products (ie. sizes ,colors, etc. other) ?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of product options to any of your products. Supported product option types are drop-down options and text area options. Drop-down options can be assigned a price modifier (flat-fee or percent of original product cost).Text area options can be used to allow your customers to add text information with their order. For example, they can add a text they want to be engraved on their gift. Product Options feature is available as add-on module.

Does LiteCommerce allow sale of e-goods? In other words software that is sold for download only (no shipping) ?

Yes, you can sell e-goods, PIN codes, shareware registration and other electronic content with the help of EGoods add-on for LiteCommerce.

I will be developing my site at one URL then moving it to another when we go live can I assume that we will be able to change the URL under the same license?

Yes, this is possible. You will need to inform our support team about a new URL and remove the software from your old URL.

I like your demo. Is this how the cart looks before any customization ?

After you install LiteCommerce on your server, it will look exactly as the demo.

Which platform do you recommend for installing LiteCommerce (UNIX/Linux/Windows) ?

LiteCommerce supports UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X servers. We highly recommend you choosing a UNIX/Linux server.

My products need to have a larger picture in addition to the thumbnail. Does LiteCommerce support both thumbnails and larger pictures ?

With LiteCommerce, every product can have one thumbnail and unlimited number of additional product images.

I want to process orders off-line. Is it possible to have the cart email order information to me ?

Yes, the cart can send order information by e-mail. You can also just log in to the admin area using secure HTTPS/SSL connection and access the order information using your web browser.

Is it allowed to setup and test the software on my local computer before uploading to server ?

Actually LiteCommerce license forbids running LiteCommerce at an unregistered URL, but anyway we allow to setup the software on your local computer if the software is not used for commercial purposes and your local website is not available for public visitors.

Are LiteCommerce products open source code ?

LiteCommerce consists of more than 280 PHP files. Most of them are open source code and just 6 of them are encypted using IonCube technology (to prevent a software piracy). The encypted files are not related to the functionality, so you can alter the code in any way you want. If you prefer 100% open source code shopping cart, try X-Cart, which is not encrypted.

LiteCommerce is 97% open source code, what about the rest 3% why and how part of the source code is concealed?

LiteCommerce products cannot be run without license certificate - a digitally signed document that confirms your rights to the software license. All cryptographic routines and the part of code that checks certificate authenticity are protected with ionCube technology. These routines are on the system level and do not contain any business logic of the software. All necessary files for ionCube support are included in LiteCommerce distribution package, so you do not need to download and install any additional software.

Does LiteCommerce support inventory tracking ?

There is "Inventory Tracking" add-on that allows to track a number of items left in your stock, automatically mark products as "Temporarily unavailable" if the stock count reaches zero. It is also capable of warning the store owner if the number of items in stock decreases to a particular amount and can track inventory by product options.

Is LiteCommerce PCI/CISP certified?

The short answer is no. But the thing is that it's not supposed to be a PCI/CISP certified product itself since LiteCommerce is neither a payment gateway, nor a financial organization charging credit cards, nor is it a hosted e-commerce solution.

LiteCommerce is a standalone e-commerce application which can be integrated with any of supported payment gateways and used on any compatible hosting server. Online merchants who use this e-commerce software are supposed to get PCI/CISP compliant status themselves if they use both PCI/CISP compliant payment gateway and hosting service.