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The upgrade package is a TAR-GZIP archive file (conventional file name extension .tgz) named 'upgrade2.1.2-2.2.0.tgz'. LiteCommerce upgrade package contains PHP files including:

  • updated kernel classes,
  • template files for modifying LiteCommerce skins as necessary,
  • PHP files containing new and updated functionality, and
  • PHP script for patching functional templates and modifying database structure.

The following is the rough structure of an upgrade file:

UPGRADEVER - the file containing upgradeable version number
VERSION - the file containing upgrade version number
upgrade/upgrade2.1.2-2.2.0.php - PHP script for patching current templates and database
upgrade/upgrade2.1.2-2.2.0/skins/default/en/main.tpl.php and - files of this type patch design skin templates
classes/admin/dialog/modify_product.php, - other upgrade files
skins_original/admin/en/state.tpl and

You can upgrade LiteCommerce software using LiteCommerce Control Panel for Windows utility or perform an upgrade manually. Please refer to LiteCommerce Control Panel for Windows Reference manual for instructions on upgrading your LiteCommerce installation using Control Panel. If you prefer to do a manual upgrade, follow the instructions below:

1. Upload the upgrade package to LiteCommerce installation directory on your server using FTP client of your choice, and issue the following UNIX shell command:

tar -zxvf upgrade2.1.2-2.2.0.tgz

This will unpack the package contents into your LiteCommerce installation directory. Alternatively you can unpack the package on your local computer using available tools and upload the unpacked files into LiteCommerce installation directory via FTP.

2. Launch your web browser and type the URL of LiteCommerce upgrade script in the 'Location' field of the browser:


The upgrade progress screen will appear. If upgrade procedure completes successfully, you will see the message stating that 'LiteCommerce has been successfully upgraded to version 2.2.0'. If upgrade fails, you will see the list of the rejected updates. In order to complete the upgrade, these updates need to be applied manually.