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If you'd like to upgrade your cart, you are supposed to use our LC upgrade patches for it. LiteCommerce upgrade package includes PHP files for upgrading LiteCommerce kernel classes, template files for upgrading LiteCommerce skins, new files to add and upgrade PHP script for patching templates and SQL database. All your data will be saved through the upgrade procedure, only some new tables and fields can be added

Upgrade patches are stored in 'File area' -> 'LiteCommerce' -> 'LC supporting files for prev versions' section of your X-Cart Account.

You need to download the file 'upgradeX.X.X-Y.Y.Y.tgz' where X.X.X is your current version number and Y.Y.Y is the desired one. Each upgrade archive contains the 'UPGRADE.readme' file with the necessary upgrade notes.

After you get the upgrade patch to your server, follow the steps below:

Note: If your store is alive it is highly recommended to create a test copy of your shop, perform the upgrade procedure on this copy and test the results. If all works fine, you can then upgrade your live store.

1) Unpack the upgraded package archive into LiteCommerce root directory:

tar -xvf upgradeX.X.X-Y.Y.Y.tgz

2) Open the following URL in your web-browser to launch the upgrade script: http://your_store_url/admin.php?target=upgrade&action=upgrade&from_ver=X.X.X&to_ver=Y.Y.Y

3) The upgrade log console will appear with upgrade diagnostic messages. - If the upgrade was successful, you will get the message 'LiteCommerce has been successfully upgraded to version Y.Y.Y'.

If upgrade fails, you will get the list of rejected updates which you'll have to apply manually.

Note: If you have patched the cart with the recent hotfix-pack (SP1) and now want to upgrade the cart to the 2.1 version, you'll need first to comment out some strings in the upgrade files. In this case please question us for additional instructions.

If you don't want to upgrade your cart, you can just install plain new LC of the latest version. However, the mysql database structure is different for LC of different versions. So, in order to transfer all products from one LC version to another, you should

  • export your products with product options in your old LC store (admin area / 'Export catalog' page)
  • after the installation of the latest LC version is completed, import the products into your new version

The success of upgrade procedure depends on how heavily your store has been customized. If you experience any upgrade problems you can turn to our support team for help.