LiteCommerce:Which are the correct permissions?

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LiteCommerce should have writable permissions mode on the following files and directories:


Just right after the installation, all permissions modes and ownerships on all files and directories should be correct. But, if the store was transferred to another web server or restored from a backup, it could have wrong permissions modes or ownership on the mentioned above files and directories.

If PHP on your web server works in the CGI/FastCGI mode, the 755 on directories and 644 on files permissions modes are sufficient for the store work. But, if PHP on your web server works as an Apache module, ownership on these files and directories should be changed to a web user. Or, if it is impossible, the permissions mode should be set to 777 on directories and 666 on files. All this is related to a Unix-based web server. If a web server works under Windows, the permissions and ownerships can be set via Windows facilities. Please note, all changes to permissions mode or ownership should be applied recursively, i.e. to all subdirectories and files inside the specified directories.