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Installing the Module

Configuring the Module

Operating the Store with Wholesale Capabilities

Registering Wholesaler Customers

Setting up Global Discounts

Working With Individual Products

Defining wholesale prices on products

Setting up product access restrictions

Defining product purchase limits

Granting membership through product purchase

Importing/Exporting Wholesale Data

Importing purchase limit

Exporting purchase limit

Importing wholesale prices

Exporting wholesale prices

Importing product access information

Exporting product access information

Creating a Price List

Customer Zone

Submitting Wholesaler Registration Request

Reviewing Membership

Bulk Shopping

Buying Products at Wholesale Prices

Restricted Product Access

Terms and Definitions

Bulk shopping: purchasing products in bulk quantities.

Global discount: discount that applies to all products available at the store in case the customer's shopping cart exceeds a certain amount defined by the store Administrator.

Price message: text message displayed to a user if his membership level does not give him access to price information of a product.

Product access: product information (price, product details, etc.) access settings; can be configured individually for different membership levels.

Wholesale price: discounted product price applicable to purchases of multiple quantities of a product.