One-Incident Support Service

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Generally, and in most cases, the One-Incident support service can be used for troubleshooting one complex problem that has suddenly caused your store's operating failure or incorrect functioning.

In case you need urgent assistance in resolving the problem encountered, you can enable the "HotRush" option for you request, or ask us to increase the priority of your one-incident support ticket, so it will be processed out of queue, as a Hot-rush request.

Besides, within the one-incident support service, you can obtain a comprehensive consultation and assistance for one complex issue related to the software set-up, configuration, and minor adjustments/modifications. For example:

  • Assistance in setting up a simple tax system + simple manually defined shipping rules + related destination zones.
  • Assistance in setting up special offers and discounts in your store.
  • Assistance in setting up a configurable product in your store.
  • Assistance on minor design/feature modifications (which take not more than 1 hour to elaborate + time to implement and test).
  • Assistance in setting up a complex shipping system (real-time shipping rates calculation service or complex manually defined shipping rules).
  • Assistance in setting up a complex tax system (which includes different types of tax and rates for various destination zones).

In other words, a comprehensive consultation and assistance provided is supposed to be a 'turnkey' service meant to make one of the store's features to be completely set up, configured and properly operating.

Additionally, one-incident support can be used to obtain a comprehensive consultation and assistance in completing one minor upgrade of your store (witin a software branch). This generally means consulting and guiding our clients:

  • How to implement a minor upgrade (step-by-step assistance)
  • How to apply upgrade patches to modified (could-not-patch) files
  • How to resolve problems arising from customized/modified database upgrade

Please note, manual upgrade patches application to modified (could-not-patch) files on a client's installation, as well as manual upgrade patch application to a customized/modified database, is not included in the service scope.

As an alternative to the one-incident support service, our customers can consider purchasing one of the support subscription plans. The subscriptions generally feature the same service scope as the one-incident support service, but customers can obtain unlimited support (have as many questions/issues addressed as they need) during the subscription period.