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('''Version''': 4.7.13)
(Q1 2021)
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'''Version''': 4.7.13
'''Version''': 4.7.13
'''Planned release date''': Q4 2020
'''Planned release date''': Q1 2021
* PHP 8
* PHP 8

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We advise that you do not base your business decisions on the features listed below. The products named on this page have not yet been released, and we reserve the right to change the information regarding their features at any moment. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage that might come from a decision made after reading this page.
We appreciate your interest in helping us make our products better. Please share your ideas and suggestions regarding the development of our products at https://forum.x-cart.com/.

Version: 4.7.13

Planned release date: Q1 2021

  • PHP 8
  • Google Analytics supports Conversion funnel (Shopping Behavior Analysis)
  • FedEx v28 version. 'Handling charge amount' feature. Speed-up improvement for the cart page.
  • SMTP servers like smtp.office365.com support
  • jQuery: Upgrade to 3.5.1
  • Same-Site = Lax is used for sensitive cookies to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) attacks.
  • Multiple fixes and optimizations related to the "Show products which are out of stock" setting. Performance boost for product selections.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Other minor and performance improvements.

Release notes