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What is Hotrush support service?

Taking into account that sometimes X-Cart users encounter such issues that require immediate assistance and one business day reply might not be an option, we introduced another type of technical support: HotRush support. This service is to address urgent problems, for example:

  • Your X-Cart store / webs-site is down
  • Payment processing has stopped working in your X-Cart store
  • Shipping rates calculation has stopped working in your X-Cart store
  • Customers can not checkout in your X-Cart store for any reason
  • You can not log in to your X-Cart admin back-end
Important: The HotRush support service is available only when your have a valid Tech Support Subscription or Singe-Incident (Urgent) support service.

What is turnaround time for Hotrush request?

On submitting a support ticket you will be offered to mark your inquiry as urgent (using a special check-box "HotRush"), i.e. to be processed right after the request is posted, during our support team's working hours.

When you create a hot-rush ticket during our working hours, it is processed immediately, our support engineers are obliged to respond within 2 (two) hours. If the hot-rush issue is created during non-working hours of the support department, it is processed in the beginning of the next working day, within an hour as well.

Note: Usually, it takes about 2 (two) hours to respond to hot-rush tickets. However, the response time may be also increased depending on the replication process between our Helpdesk system's servers, which usually takes 15-30 minutes.

Our working time is 08:00-24:00 (Monday-Friday), 10:00-18:00 (Saturday-Sunday) by our local time. Our local time is GMT+3.

Within 2 hours the tech support engineer assigned to the request investigates the issue and informs the client about the results that may be the following:

  • If it turns out that a simple solution will solve the issue, the engineer applies the fix. The fix can be permanent or workaround (if the permanent resolving is not possible for some reason)
  • Or the engineer provides the instructions on how the issue can be fixed (in case the problem solving depends on some 3rd party, e.g. the change of the server settings depends on the hosting).
  • Or the engineer provides the achieved results of the investigation and/or applies the temporary fix, and informs the client about further steps needed to resolve the issue (in case it turns out that the problem requires a complex step by step investigation), the report about the next step is to be provided within 2 working hours as well.

Can HotRush request be cancelled?

You can uncheck the "HotRush" check-box while the ticket has status 'Submitted' (before the ticket's status is changed to 'Assigned'). Also you have the right to withdraw your HotRush request (maximum 3 times) for any reasons while the ticket has status 'Assigned' or 'In progress' (before the ticket's status is changed to 'Closed').

What issues are not covered by the HotRush service?

The service is available for requests to the Technical support department alone. So, we remove off the Hotrush status from the ticket in the following cases:

  • a question relates to a customization project (the ticket is directed to the Development department);
  • a posted issue turns out to be a bug in the default software behavior therefore requires extra time to be solved;
  • other general questions concerning work of the company, usage of the HelpDesk accounts and Forums, sales and licensing issues.

Besides, we remove off the Hotrush status from the support tickets of the following kind:

  • consultation about X-Cart code/architecture
  • consultation on "how-to" questions about minor modifications of the X-Cart code
  • consultation on minor modifications of your X-Cart store's design
  • consultation and assistance on your X-Cart store setup
  • consultation and assistance on shipping, taxes, language configuration in your X-Cart store

If you need to get as faster reply as possible on the support tickets of such kind, please use the 'Priority' select-box when creating a new support ticket.