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Taking into account that sometimes X-Cart users encounter such issues that require immediate assistance and one business day reply might not be an option, we introduced another type of technical support: HotRush support. This service is to address urgent problems. On submitting a support ticket you will be offered to mark your inquiry as urgent (using a special check-box "HotrRush"), i.e. to be processed right after the request is posted.

When you create a hot-rush ticket during our working hours, it is processed immediately, our support engineers are obliged to respond within 1 hour. If the hot-rush issue is created during non-working hours of the support department, it is processed in the beginning of the next working day, within an hour as well.

Note: Usually, it takes about 1 hour to respond to hot-rush tickets. However, the response time also depends on the replication process between our servers, which usually takes 15-30 minutes.

Our working time is 9:00-24:00 (Monday-Friday), 10:00-18:00 (Saturday-Sunday) by our local time. Our local time is GMT+4 in summer and GMT+3 in winter.

The rate of the urgent tickets is doubled. The service is available only when your technical support points balance is positive (above zero).

You can uncheck the "HotRush" check-box while the ticket has status 'Submitted' (before the ticket's status is changed to 'Assigned'). Also you have the right to withdraw your HotRush request (maximum 3 times) for any reasons while the ticket has status 'Assigned' or 'In progress' (before the ticket's status is changed to 'Closed').

Note: The service is available for requests to the Technical support department alone. We remove off the high priority status from the ticket in the following cases:
  • a question relates to a customization project (the ticket is directed to the Development department);
  • a posted issue turns out to be a bug in the default software behavior therefore requires extra time to be solved;
  • other general questions concerning work of the company, usage of the HelpDesk accounts and Forums, sales and licensing issues.