Technical Support Service Terms of Use

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1. Technical assistance and consulting are provided according to the Qualiteam's Technical Support Assistance and Consulting Agreement.

2. Technical support requests are processed according to the Qualiteam's ticket processing policy; the service costs are determined here.

3. When a new issue is reported in a currently open ticket, the issue may be moved to a new ticket and processed separately for an additional fee.

4. Sales questions, questions related to custom development of projects within the guarantee period, general questions not requiring technical consulting or assistance, quote requests — are serviced free of charge.

5. To find out how much your technical support request would cost, use the 'Get price quote for my support request' option. We will estimate your request and provide you with a preliminary cost for your support request. The support team will not start working on the ticket until you confirm the cost.

6. If you have no active technical support subscription, your technical support request may remain unanswered for more than one business day or a subscription to the technical support services may be required.

7. Software bugs should be registered through the special 'Report a bug' form as described in the Qualiteam's services FAQ; otherwise, they may remain unanswered for more than one business day or require a subscription to the technical support services.