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What is

Qualiteam's Issues Tracker ( is a public issue tracker intended for:

  • submitting issues found in Qualiteam's products
  • maintaining known issues lists
  • obtaining solutions

How it works?

When you report an issue in the bugtracker system, you will receive notification email when a new comment is posted in the ticket where the issue is reported (for example, when our developers report that the issue is fixed).

To keep updated about the progress in the tickets which were posted by other users, you can add yourself into the Monitors user list. You will receive notification email when a new comment is posted in the ticket as well.

When the issue is resolved, the status of the bugtracker's ticket is set to Resolved, and the developer responsible adds a comment into the ticket like "The issue has been fixed". If you need the patch to resolve the issue, you can request it right in the corresponding ticket where the issue is reported. The developer responsible will attach it to the bugtracker's ticket.

How to report a bug?

  • Before reporting an issue please:
1) search for previously reported issues to avoid duplicates
2) make sure the issue appears in the latest version of the product
3) make sure the product you have issue with is not altered or customized
4) make sure your webhosting meets system requirements
5) make sure the issue is not about speed/performance
  • When reporting an issue, please make sure the following information is provided:
1) Product version and important settings/options in your product's configuration.
2) Web server configuration (phpinfo screen).
3) Detailed step-by-step instructions on reproducing the issue, including description of actual and expected behavior.
4) Screenshots necessary to illustrate 3).

NOTE: incorrect reports or reports containing insufficient info may not be processed.

NOTE: bugtracker should not be used for receiving support. To submit a support inquiry please use the Helpdesk.

NOTE: ideas/feature requests should be posted to

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