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This article provides help on using your X-Cart Account

HelpDesk sections

Communication center

This section allows you to communicate with the X-Cart Team by submitting inquiries (tickets).

Ticket Life Cycle

1. A new submitted ticket is dispatched to a corresponding department depending on the essence of the enquiry. 2. Request discussion is held until the required task is accomplished. 3. A ticket can be pre-closed automatically:

  • a Sales ticket - if no messages are posted in the ticket during 30 days (14 days in pre-sales helpdesk accounts)
  • a Project ticket - if all project tasks are finished and no messages are sent in the ticket during 30 days
  • a Support ticket - if an issue reported has been solved and no messages are posted in the ticket during several days

The Pre-closed ticket status can be changed to Closed or In Progress manually in ticket properties. 4. If the Pre-closed status is kept, the ticket will be closed automatically:

  • a Sales, Support or Generic ticket - in three days after the Pre-closed status is set and if no new messages are posted in the ticket
  • a Project ticket - in three days if no new messages are posted in the ticket and all related project tasks are finished.

5. In case of necessity a ticket can be re-opened by status changing in ticket properties.

How to submit a new ticket

1. Log into your helpdesk account at

2. Enter section ‘Communication Center’

3. Click button ‘Create a new ticket’

4. Fill in all fields:

  • Type - Techsupport question or Sales question depending on the nature of your request
  • License - in the left-side box called’ Unset‘ find the license for the store within which assistance is required. click the license and press the arrow button to move the license to the right-side box called ‘Set’.
  • Product version - specify the version of your X-Cart store when submitting a support request, this information is helpful for the support team.
  • HotRush - can be set for an urgent techsupport request , here’s more information on HotRush.
  • Priority - Normal, Major or Minor depending on inquiry importance and urgency.
  • Brief description - a short title of your request.
  • Message - in the message area please type in your request in detail
  • Add files - this tool allows you to attach files to a request; use buttons ‘Add’ and ‘Drop’ to the right to add and remove attachments.

5. Press button ‘Send’ to submit the request.

How to post a message in an existing ticket

1. Log into your helpdesk account at

2. Enter section ‘Communication Center’

3. Find the needed ticket by its title in the list on tab ‘Communication Index’ or by a message ID using field ‘Search by Message ID’ to the left on the page (a message ID can be found in any email notification about the ticket)

4. On the message which needs responding click the Reply icon in the right upper corner

5. In the text area type your message and press ‘Send’.

6. Note: a message can be posted only in an open ticket; if the ticket is closed, either it has to be re-opened or a new one has to be submitted.

How to close a ticket

1. Log into your helpdesk account at

2. Enter section ‘Communication Center’

3. Find the needed ticket by its title in the list on tab ‘Communication Index’ or by a message ID using field ‘Search by Message ID’ to the left on the page (a message ID can be found in any email notification about the ticket)

4. Click on the ‘Ticket properties’ link

5. In the ‘Status’ drop-down menu select ‘Closed’

6. Click ‘’Update.

How to re-open a ticket

1. Log into your helpdesk account at

2. Enter section ‘Communication Center’

3. Find the needed ticket by its title in the list on tab ‘Communication Index’ or by a message ID using field ‘Search by Message ID’ to the left on the page (a message ID can be found in any email notification about the ticket)

4. Click on the ‘Ticket properties’ link

5. In the ‘Status’ drop-down menu select ‘Reopen’

6. Click ‘’Update

7. Note: it is advisable to reopen a ticket only if the new information directly relates to the problem reported in this ticket initially. Otherwise, your new message will be moved to a new ticket to be processed as a separate request.

Check-box ‘HotRush’

If you’ve run into an issue which renders your whole store down or disables an essential functionality, you can take advantage of the HotRush techsupport service. HotRush Support ensures request processing out of queue and within 2 hours. To enable the HotRush option for your request please tick the ‘HotRush’ check-box in ticket properties when submitting a new techsupport request or editing properties of an already submitted ticket.

How to disable ‘HotRush’

If a reported issue still persist but does not require immediate resolving for any reason, the HotRush option can be disabled by unchecking the corresponding tick-box in ticket properties. HotRush can be disabled without a limit as long as a ticket keeps the ‘Submitted’ status. As for ‘Assigned’, ‘In progress’ or ‘Re-opened’ tickets, there’s a limit to the number of times HotRush can be disabled - 3 times per one helpdesk account.The HotRush option cannot be disabled after the ‘Closed’ ticket status is set.

Drop-down menu ‘Priority’

When submitting a sales or techsupport (non HotRush) ticket, you can choose a priority level for it. The priority lever indicates how critical a request is and puts the request on a certain position in the requests queue. An issue may be:

  • Major: a response is required as fast as possible,
  • Normal: not that urgent, but a faster reply is preferred,
  • Minor: the guaranteed 24-hour response time is fine.

The priority level can be changed in ticket properties as long as a ticket is open. This is useful when an issue needs to be resolved faster.

But no mater what ticket priority level is set, the X-Cart support team do their best to process your requests within less than guaranteed one business day.

However, for most critical issues please remember to enbale the HotRush option.

Note: To prevent misuse of the Major priority level we have to impose the following restriction on the system: the more Major tickets you open the lower priority your whole account has. That is, if the Major level is set for all tickets, the actual average priority level of the helpdesk account becomes Normal. Contrariwise, if most of tickets are Minor, the average priority level for the account gets higher. In other words, the average priority level of the account defines how quick any requests are processed.

How to rate a ticket

Service provided by the X-Cart team within a certain ticket can be rated. For the purpose the ‘Rating’ option is available. Only a closed ticket work on which has been finished can be rated. Also, comments on the provider service can be left. The comments are addressed by heads of corresponding departments providing this or that service. This ensures that customers’ feedback is always taken into consideration and necessary measures are taken. This way service provision is improved as much as possible.

To rate a ticket

  • open ‘Communication Index’
  • find the needed ticket in the tickets list by its title or by a message ID using the search field
  • open ticket properties
  • use the ‘Rating’ drop-down menu and the ‘Comments’ text field to share your experience

To rate an already closed ticket

  • open ‘Communication Index’
  • untick ‘Hide closed and rated tickets’, closed tickets will appear in the tickets list
  • find the needed ticket in the list by its title
  • click link ‘Rate Us’ to the right form the ticket name
  • use the ‘Rating’ drop-down menu and the ‘Comments’ text field to share your experience.


Below is a guide to help things run smoother. By following these recommendations you will facilitate usage of your personal message board and save your time and money.

  • Do NOT post the same question to different tickets ("cross posting"). Do NOT start a new ticket when there is a discussion on the same topic going on in another ticket already.
  • Each separate issue is supposed to be posted to the Communication Center of your X-Cart Account into a separate ticket specially created for it. That is why please avoid posting several non-related to each other questions into one ticket to avoid possible miscommunication.
  • When posting a new ticket, make sure you give your problem a good description.

Simply putting something like 'help me please my site is down' will not speed up the answer and will not help us to help you. If you are so excited over the sudden trouble, which has come like a bolt from the blue, that can't think clearly and positively about your cart and our company in general, please, calm down first. Then try the best and make out as detailed explanation of the problem as possible. Eventually it may appear the issue is not that bad as it seemed. Furthermore there is no such a problem that couldn't be cracked at all. If we cannot fix the problem we will give you a solution at the least.

  • Specify your store version, software type, problem URL and access to your server. You can post server details to "Post access info" tab. It will help the support engineers a lot in troubleshooting. Otherwise, if your question requires technical investigation, problem–solving process will be delayed without server access.
  • There are several types of tickets:
    • "Tech support question" for requests to tech support dep;
    • "Project question"
    • Thank you for ordering installation services,
    • etc.

Use an appropriate ticket to discuss a certain topic. It helps keep continuity and prevents from superfluous gathering of tickets which may cause misunderstanding and even miscommunication even between our employees.

If you are not sure what department or person your request relates to, choose support department. Tech support team will examine it and forward to a relevant department or person.

  • All the notifications on messages posted in the communication center are sent to the email address you indicated upon registration. Please, keep it in mind while waiting for an answer and (what is more important) when you decide to change your contacts. You should notify us beforehand or you can change your contact email using 'Profiles' -> 'Edit self-profile' section of your X-Cart Account.

How to hide closed tickets from Communication Index

All tickets created in your account are displayed on tab ‘Communication Index’ in Communication Center. It may be convenient if only tickets requiring any action are displayed on this page. For the purpose check-box ‘Hide closed and rated tickets’ above the tickets list should be ticked. This check-box hides all closed and rated tickets from the list so that only Submitted, Assigned, In progress and Re-opened tickets are shown.

'Obsolete' and 'out of guarantee' X-Cart 4 Classic versions

When a support ticket is created and a license is set, the ’Product version’ drop-down menu appears. The version of the store, with which assistance is needed, should be selected from this drop-down menu. In the versions list certain versions are marked as ‘'Obsolete' and 'Out of guarantee'.

'Obsolete' is a software version which is not latest but still supported, i.e. new software versions within this branch are released and bug fixing patches are provided. ‘Obsolete’ is one of the versions (not the latest one) of the latest branch.

'Out of guarantee' is a non-supported software version, i.e. no bug fixing patches are provided, upgrade to the latest version is strongly recommended, and upgrade is the only solution in case a bug is found. 'Out of guarantee' is one of the versions (not the latest one ) of an earlier branch.

Any version, released more than 1 year ago is considered 'Out of guarantee'. Nevertheless, techsupport is always provided once requested regardless of a store version. Feel free to contact the X-Cart support team in HelpDesk.

How to find out X-Cart version

X-Cart 4.x.x

The version of X-Cart files and X-Cart database can be looked up in files VERSION and include/version.php respectively or by the following links:




Besides, X-Cart version is specified on page Tools/Summary/Environment info in the store admin back-end.

X-Cart 5.x.x

The store version is displayed in the left upper corner of all pages in the administrator’s back-end.

Besides, the store version can be seen by this link:


File area

File area is a HelpDesk section from which purchased software can be downloaded, first of all. Besides, File Area is used for storing files and exchanging files with the X-Cart team.

Tab ‘File Area’ displays two sections - ‘Folders’ and ‘File name’.

1. Section ‘File name’ show the contents of folders selected.

2. Section ‘Folders’ shows a list of all File Area folders subdivided into:

  • ‘Product Files’ - installation packages of software ordered in the account and of software provided for free;

folder : ‘X-Cart 4‘ contains installation packages of X-Cart 4 Classic of the latest and newest versions;

folder : ‘X-Cart 4 - Addons’ contains installation packages of X-Cart 4 modules of different versions; when downloading a module, please make sure the module version you chose is the same as your X-Cart store version to avoid incompatibility issues;

folder : ‘X-Cart 5’ contains an X-Cart 5 download link

  • ‘Company files’ - folder ‘My Files’ contains data uploaded by the account holder or X-Cart team;
  • ‘Ticket files’ - attachments to messages in tickets;
  • ‘Project files’ - custom development/design projects data and reports.

Icon ‘+’ next to a folder opens a list of its sub-folders. Clicking on a folder opens its contents in the right-side section. On the right-side part links ‘File name’, ‘Size’ and Date‘ allow filtering files by the respective parameters. An arrow icon to the right from a file name opens a short description of the file.

To download a file

  • find the needed file in one of the folders described above;
  • click on the file, it will be saved in the local PC.

To upload a file

  • find ‘Company files’ and open ‘My Files;
  • in the right-side section click on ‘Upload files’ and ‘Select a file’
  • click on ‘Add’ to the right from the selected file to upload one more file
  • press ‘Upload’, the file will appear in folder ‘My Files’.

Tab ‘Get upgrade pack’ provides free upgrade patches for X-Cart 4.1.0 and higher.

  • ‘License’ - the license for the store to be upgraded should be selected from the list of licenses available in the account;
  • ‘Modules’ and ‘Free modules’ - upgrade files for selected modules will be included in the X-Cart upgrade package;
  • ‘Upgrade pack’ - a list of upgrade packages for certain X-Cart versions;
  • ‘Archive type’ - .tgs or .zip.

How to find security patches

The video demonstrates how security patches can be found in File Area

My Licenses

This section displays a list of software licenses available in a helpdesk account, shows license information and allows the account holder to manage the licenses.

On top of the ‘My Licenses’ tab links ‘URL’, ‘Brand’ and ‘Status’ allow filtering licenses in the list by the respective parameters.

  • ‘URL’ - stands for a domain name of an X-Cart store;
  • ‘Brand’ - stand for kinds of software ordered in the current helpdek account, (X-Cart 5, X-Cart 4, X-Payments, etc);
  • ‘Status’ stands for license status set by the license holder.

With ‘URL’, ‘Brand’ and ‘Status’ filters defined a certain license is found.

With all filters cleared (‘URL’ - empty, ‘Brand’ - ‘Select brand’ and ‘Status - ‘Select status’) all available licenses are displayed.

The following information on a license is available:

  • License key- a unique license identificator consisting of 16 capital letters; for X-Cart 5 it is used for store activation;
  • ‘Register X-Cart 4 installation’ - relevant only to X-Cart 4 Classic licenses, software registration converts an evaluation X-Cart installation into a commercial one;
  • URL- store domain name, a license can be renamed with the help of link ‘Change URL’ to the right from the license name;
  • License products- software brand with a list of modules and recurring subscriptions assigned to the license, if any;
  • ‘Add more to this license’- the button is useful when modules are needed for a X-Cart store, the button leads to the X-Cart web-site page offering additional modules;
  • ‘Status’- a status is selected from a drop-down menu and set by the license holder, it does not impact the online store;
  • ‘Version’- a store version is set by the license holder and does not impact the online store;
  • ‘History’- this link opens a separate page with a full license management history (purchase date, acceptance, license URL updates, license registration, modules purchase, transfer, etc);
  • ‘Transfer’- this link opens a separate page where license transfer to another helpdesk account can be performed;
  • ‘Get upgrade pack’- this link leads to the File Area section of the same name.


Section ‘Projects’ opens with tab ‘Select project’ which shows a list of all projects performed or scheduled by the X-Cart team.

Clicking a project title opens tab ‘Project details’ containing a list of invoices and orders for projects as well as specifications and surveys.

Tab ‘Project tasks’ provides links to project tickets and shows such information as developers assigned to tasks, project time frames and status.

Buy products/services

In this section service and software can be bought:

  1. To add an item to cart click a product name or tick the check-box next to the needed item;
  2. Set the needed quantity in the field to the right ;
  3. Click ‘Checkout’
  4. On the page opened specify URL for software products and accept the terms of service and money-back policy;
  5. Press ‘Continue’;
  6. You will be redirected to the checkout page on the web-site of PayPro Global, the authorized payment processor.


This is a section where invoices issued by the X-Cart team are stored. Also, in case an item is selected from ‘Buy products/services’ but the payment is not completed on the checkout page, the purchase appears as an invoice in section ‘Invoices’ and can be paid later. The following information on each invoice is available:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice creation date
  • Invoice expiration date
  • Payment attempt date
  • Invoice status (active, expired, not finished)
  • Products to be ordered with price, quantity and total cost specified
  • Button ‘Pay’

Once an invoice is paid, it appears in section ‘Orders’ with the same number.


This section displays all orders for software products and service. Orders can be filtered by status and date of invoice creation, invoice expiration, payment and cancellation.

The following information on each order is available:

  • Order number
  • Invoice creation date
  • Invoice expiration date
  • Ordering date
  • Order status

Paid - the order is passing verification, the ordered software is not available yet

Processed - the order is paid successfully, the ordered software or service is available

Refund reviewed - refund has been requested for the order, the request is being processed and the refund has not been issued yet

Cancelled - requested refund has already been issued

  • Refund date - displayed only for cancelled orders
  • The list of ordered software products and service price, quantity and total cost specified


This section shows credit available in a helpesk account and allows managing affiliate commissions.

Credit can be gained from a cancelled order as an alternative to a refund. The advantage is that the credit can be spent on the next purchase from X-Cart when needed. Please remember to contact the X-Cart team to have the credit applied to a purchase.

Affiliate commissions come from participation in the Affiliate program.

On entering section ‘Accounting’ the account holder can see two tabs:

Select account

  • Commission - this section shows earned affiliate commissions, the amount comes from page Performance in section ‘Affiliate Program’. In 30 days after record creation the amount is relocated to ’Company credit’.
  • Company credit - this section shows the company credit balance which is made up of credit coming from cancelled orders and affiliate commissions

Affiliate commissions

This section allows transferring Affiliate program commissions to a bank account. The amount to be transferred is taken from ‘Company credit’, it can be from $600 but not more then the available credit.

Affiliate program

Every helpdesk account owner is subscribed for the Affiliate program and has his personal affiliate ID.

  • Performance - shows detailed information on the affiliate activity based o the affiliate ID and web-sites. The full earned commissions amount is displayed on tab Select Account/Commission in section ‘Accounting’.
  • Get HTML code - this section provides banners and links to place on web-sites, X-Cart purchases made by site visitors coming from these banners and links bring affiliate commissions.
  • Commissions payment details - this section contains information on a PayPal or bank account to which affiliate commissions should be transferred.
  • My Sites - this section allows specifying web-sites on which affiliate links will be placed.


This section displays a list of all profiles registered in a helpdesk account and allows editing them.

HelpDesk user types:

Primary - the account owner’s profile with full management permissions in the account

Secondary - an additional account member’s profile; secondary members can use the following sections in their helpdesk accounts:

  • Communication Center - full access for submitting tickets and communicating with the X-Cart team
  • File Area - downloading files
  • My Licenses - searching for licenses, viewing license history, changing license status and store version
  • My Subscriptions - viewing
  • Projects - viewing, uploading project files
  • Buy products/services - no access
  • Profiles - viewing Accounts list, editing self-profile
  • Information - viewing
  • Complaints - submitting complaints

Advanced secondary - an additional account member’s profile; advanced secondary users have extended account management permissions but they are not allowed to perform license-related operations. This is an exclusive right of the primary account holder. Advanced secondary members can use the following sections in their helpdesk accounts:

  • Communication Center - full access for submitting tickets and communicating with the X-Cart team
  • File Area - downloading files
  • My Licenses - searching for licenses, viewing license history, changing license status and store version, downloading upgrade packages
  • My Subscriptions - viewing
  • Projects - viewing, uploading project files
  • Buy products/services - placing orders
  • Invoices - viewing and paying invoices
  • Orders - viewing
  • Profiles - viewing Accounts list, editing self-profile
  • Information - viewing
  • Complaints - submitting complaints

Important: all products, purchased by the company representatives (including advanced secondary account holders) shall be considered the property of the license owner, i.e. of the primary account member.

Tab ‘Accounts list’ is displayed once one enters a helpdesk account. The following information is available on this page:

  • Primary - a star in this column next to a profile indicates that the profile belongs to the account owner, no star next to a profile indicates a secondary or advanced secondary user profile.
  • Name - account member’s name and last name
  • email - account member’s email address which is used as account login
  • Account status - a red lock icon in this column indicates that a profile is blocked due to several failed login attempts; no icon indicates that a profile is fully functional

Tab ‘Edit self profile’ allows an account member to edit his contact information, upload an avatar and turn on/off email notifications.

Tab ‘New account’ is available only to the primary account member and allows creating a new secondary or advanced secondary profile.

Tab ‘Edit company’ is available only to the primary account member and allows editing the company contact information.


This section allows reporting a complaint in case of inappropriate software or service provision. The main page of this section gives a full description of the procedure.

The following information should be provided:

  • Product/service description - the software product or service about which the complaint is
  • Problem category - the problem faced which led to the complain
  • Problem encountered - a detailed problem description
  • Message ID - the ID of message from a ticket which contains information related to the complaint
  • Remedy requested - YES or NO should be set depending on whether the reported problem needs resolving or not.


This is a section where news posted by the X-Cart team appear. When a new message appears in this section, you will see it on logging into the helpdesk account. The same news will be displayed on the helpdesk home page for a few days.You can enter the section to review resent news when needed.

How to transfer an X-Cart license to another account

If you would like to transfer your license to another helpdesk account, please follow the steps below:

1) go to the 'My licenses' section;

2) click the 'Transfer' link next to the license you are going to transfer;

3) fill in the fields in the request form:

- 'company information' - contact information of the company to which the license is transferred;

- 'Account information' - contact information of the new license holder to whom the license is being transferred;

4) click the 'Request license transfer' button and follow the procedure.

NOTE: if you are transferring a license to a customer who already has an account in Helpdesk, you should select the 'existing customer' option in field "Transfer to:". Then submit "Primary contact person E-mail:" But in case this does not work, using option 'new customer' may help, please try.

How to transfer an X-Cart 4 module license license to another X-Cart license or account

To transfer an X-Cart 4 module license to your other X-Cart 4 license or to another company, please follow the steps below:

1. Enter section 'My licenses' and click link 'Transfer' next to the X-Cart license, to which the module you are going to transfer belongs.

2. On the opened page in section 'Select products' you will see the X-Cart license with a list of its modules.

3. Since you are going to transfer only a module license, unselect the X-Cart license and tick the module(s) to be transferred.

4. To transfer the module from one X-Cart license to another one within your helpdesk account select the target license in menu 'License key'.

5. To transfer the module to another helpdesk account in menu 'License key' set 'Another company's license' and type in the target X-Cart license key in the field below.

6. Press 'Transfer'.

How to subscribe to X-Cart newsletters

If you would like to keep your store updated and secured and be notified about all company news, new releases and updates, special offers and promotions, you have an opportunity to subscribe to our company newsletter. Please, enter your HelpDesk account, open section 'Profiles' and tab 'Edit self-profile'. At the bottom of the page there is a 'Newsletters' section with 2 options in it:

  • Security updates and alerts
  • Company and product news

Tick the check-box opposite the option(s) you like to receive the corresponding news.

How to accept a license

To accept the X-Cart licensing agreement please go to the "My licenses" section, click on the "Accept" link near your license and follow the procedure.

How to get a printable invoice for my purchase?

To download a printable invoice for your purchase please log into your personal account with the payment processor at

You will need your PayPro order ID to download the invoice.

Your login name is your email address used for the payments.

You can recover your password here:

Should you require additional assistance, feel free to contact us in your helpdesk account.

Also, you can contact PayPro via the following telephone numbers:

  • Telephone (toll free): +1-866-933-4313
  • Telephone (international): +1-646-873-6857

Please, have your Order ID ready so PayPro can locate your order.

How to give a representative (e.g. webmaster) access to HelpDesk message board and the forum

To authorize a representative of yours in the HelpDesk system, you should create a secondary profile for this person. Go to section 'Profiles', tab 'New account'. Fill in the new profile with the person's contact information. The email address will be the secondary user's login to HelpDesk.

If you would like to grant your representative with full access to all HelpDesk areas, you can tick check-box 'Advanced secondary account' when creating a secondary profile. An advanced secondary member is allowed to buy products and service, see and pay invoices and orders, review project information (orders, invoices, specifications), download software distribution packages and security patches. An advanced secondary user is not allowed to perform license-related operations, e.g. license transfer. This is an exclusive right of the primary account holder.

NOTE: all products, purchased by the company representatives (including advanced secondary account holders) shall be considered the property of the license holder, i.e. of the primary account owner.

How to delete a secondary user from a helpdesk account

HelpDesk profiles and accounts cannot be deleted, they can be only disabled. With a profile disabled, the profile holder cannot log into the account and does not receive any email notifications from Qualiteam. To deactivate a profile enter section 'Profiles', open the needed profile for editing and replace the e-mail with a fake one. You can also re-register this profile to another person by changing the contact e-mail, the first/last name and other contact information of the secondary profile holder.

How to change license URL

Please note, an X-Cart license permits you to move the store to another directory within the same domain, i.e. if the store installation directory is changed, the license URL can be changed without limitations. Also, a 3-level domain, i.e.,, can be changed without limitations. These URL changes do not affect the URL change count.

Moving the store to another domain is subject to a limitation. If the domain name is changed before the first license registration, the license URL can be changed as many times as needed. After the first license registration you are permitted to change the domain name in the license URL free of charge only once. Each further license URL change will be subject to license renewal fee.

To change the license URL in your HelpDesk take the following steps:

1) go to the 'My licenses' section

2) click the 'Change URL' link to the right of the license; you will be redirected to the "Change license URL" tab

3) in case of changing the store installation folder, enter the new URL in the input field and click 'Change folder location'

4) click 'Change domain', enter the new URL in the input field, tick "I understand that I have to remove the software from old_url within 48 hours after the license is reissued" check-box, and click 'Change URL' (please note that the software actually needs to be removed in case the license is being renamed to be used for a completely new store)

In case of any error/typo in the new URL, please contact us in HelpDesk.

Information on the license URL changes will be recorded in a log ticket 'LOG: License URL modifications' displayed in the 'Communication center' index.

After that you should edit the 'config.php' file and adjust the settings referring to the host and web directory where X-Cart is to be installed:

$xcart_http_host ="$HTTP_HOST";

$xcart_https_host ="$HTTP_HOST";

$xcart_web_dir ="/xcart";

Why there are no software files in File Area?

Please check these possible situations:

1. Your software license has status’Pending’. This can be checked in section ‘My Licenses’.This means that your purchase has not been verified yet. As soon as the Billing dept. process your order, the software will become available.

2. You license has status ‘Not accepted. Please click the 'Accept' link in the license field under the 'Actions' form, the Agreement terms will appear. Follow the procedure to accept the licensing agreement terms.

3.You are logged into HelpDesk as a secondary account member. If you are the account owner, please log off and log in again with your primary profile. If you are not the account owner, please ask the primary account member to download files for you.

4. If none of the options are your case, please report the problem by sending a new ticket in ‘Communication center' or an email from your account email address to

How to settle an invoice

If an invoice has been issued for you by an X-Cart team member, log into your helpdesk account and enter section ‘Invoices’. Find the invoice by its number or description in field ‘Products/Services’, click button ‘Pay’ to the right and follow the procedure.

You will be redirected to HelpDesk ordering page to take the following steps:

  • read and accept service provision agreement and moneyback policy terms,
  • set a license for a software product or service subscription,
  • enter a discount coupon code, if you have it,
  • remove items from the invoice if needed.

Once you press ‘Continue’ you will be redirected to the checkout page of our payment processor PayPro Global to finalize the purchase.

How to change a subscription service plan

If you are subscribed for some service with recurring billing and would like to turn to a different service plan, please submit a ticket in your helpdesk account. The X-Cart Billing dept. will help you change the service plan at your request.


I forgot my password and cannot log into HelpDesk

To log into the Customers Help Desk system please follow this URL

At the opened page enter:

- your login: the email address which you specified during the software purchase

- your password: use the 'reset the password' utility

Here are regular stages of the password recovery procedure:

1) Click link 'Forgot your password?'. You will be brought to the password recovery page.

2) On the page opened insert your email address in the 'e-mail' field and press 'Email new password'.

3) In a short while you will receive an email message 'Password recovery instruction' with a link allowing you to reset your password. Click the link or enter it in the address bar of your browser. This link will be available within 24 hours from the moment it has been generated.

4) The link will lead you to the profile editing page. Enter a new password in the 'Password' field. Important: the password should not be shorter than 6 symbols, contain only letters and numbers and should not coincide with the name or email address.

It is recommended to clear the browser cache and set the security level to 'medium' or lower before trying to log in. This should help you log in successfully.

If the above-described procedure doesn't work for you, it's quite difficult to find out the exact reason for password-recovery failure. The messages might be denied by your email box as junk mail. Anyway, feel free to inform us of problems with password resetting, we'll reset the password ourselves and provide you with new access info.

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