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This article provides help of using your Qualiteam Account at

Qualiteam Account sections

Communication center

File area

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How to transfer skin/add-on license?

You should submit a request to transfer your add-on or skin license:

1. Go to 'My licenses' section. Click 'Transfer' link opposite the license, to which the skin/add-on you are going to transfer is registered.

2. The list of the add-ons is in section 'Select products'. Click 'Uncheck all'. Choose add-on(s) you want to transfer.

3. In drop-down box 'License key': - if you are moving the add-on to one of your licenses, you should select the license key from the list; - if have several licenses of your own and are going to transfer the add-on to another company/person, you should select "Other company license" and type the license key in the field below. - if have only one license of your own and are going to transfer the add-on to another company/person, you should just type the license key in the field.

4. (optional) Submit a number of support points you would like to transfer with the add-on.

Click 'Request license transfer'.

NOTE: you can transfer a skin/add-on license only to a person, who already has X-Cart or LiteCommerce license.

What is the 'Priority' select-box?

When opening a regular ticket (not HotRush) you can assign a priority level to the issue to specify the order in which you would like your inquiry to be processed: Major: the issue should be addressed asap, Normal: not that urgent, but a faster reply is preferred, Minor: you agree to wait the guaranteed turnaround time - 24 hours.

You can change the priority level while the ticket is in progress (open 'ticket properties' and select another option from the 'Priority' drop-down).

Your tickets are graded and processed by our staff according to the assigned priority levels. If, however, the problem brooks no delay you should mark the ticket as HotRush.

NOTE: in order to prevent the misuse of the Major priority level we put the following restriction on the system. The more Major tickets you open the lower priority your account has. That is, if you choose to assign the Major level to all your tickets the actual average priority level of your account will be Normal. Contrariwise, if most of your tickets are 'Minor' the average priority level for your account will be higher. When you are in need of urgent assistance you will always be able to change the ticket level to Major or Normal and to have it processed asap.

I received your notification but when I login to the Communication center, the message is not there

Usually it takes some time for our messages to be replicated on your side. The automatic notifications are sent out immediately after new message is posted. Therefore if you login to check new message right after you receive a notification you are not able to view it because it has not appeared in your helpdesk area yet. You can place your answer then (as you have the text of the message in the notification) or wait for 20 minutes.

How to subscribe to your company newsletters?

If you'd like to keep your store updated and secure, to be notified on all new releases and special offers, you have an opportunity to subscribe to our company newsletters. Please enter your HelpDesk area, go to the 'Manage accounts'->'Edit self profile' page. At the bottom of the page there is the 'Newsletter' section with 5 options:

  • Company news:
  • Promotions and special offers:
  • Security alerts and advisory:
  • About new products and releases:
  • Minor releases and updates (high volume):

Tick the checkbox opposite the necessary option(s). Then you'll be regularly informed on the desired subject.


Why I'm unable to login?