X-Cart:3-D Secure Payment Authentication

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3-D Secure™ is an XML-based protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions.

In X-Cart based stores, 3-D Secure™ payer authentication can be used for some payment methods enabled in the store via the X-Payments application. 3-D Secure™ payer authentication is provided either via the Cardinal Centinel platform by CardinalCommerce Corp. integrated with X-Payments or via the built-in 3-D Secure™ solution of the payment gateway itself.

3-D Secure™ enabled payment solutions for X-Cart and X-Payments can be found on the list of payment gateways supported by X-Cart.

For instructions on enabling and configuring 3-D Secure™ in X-Payments, see X-Payments:3D-Secure Settings.