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X-Cart provides three methods of adding products:

  • manual creation (New products are created one by one by manually entering product information into the forms of the 'Products Management->Add product' section of the store's back end),
  • cloning (New products are created by making copies of already existing products),
  • import from a CSV file (Specially formatted product information is imported into the database using X-Cart's import/export functionality).

Creating products (manually)

In X-Cart, products can be created only inside categories. To create products, you must have at least one category in your store.

To create a product:

1. Go to the 'Products Management->Add product' section of your store.

If you are an X-Cart GOLD administrator/provider or an X-Cart PRO administrator: Go to the 'Products Management' section (Catalog menu->Products), then click on the link Add product in the 'Products Management' section menu.
If you are an X-Cart PRO provider: Click on the link Add new product in the Products menu.
In the 'Products Management->Add product' section, a dialog box titled 'Product details' is displayed.

2. In the ‘Product details’ dialog box, define the details of the new product (See the section Defining Product Details).

3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the ‘Product details’ dialog box.

When you click on Save, the product is created. A message is displayed confirming that the product has been created successfully.
After a product has been created, you can define other product information for it (See the section Defining Other Product Information).