X-Cart:Automated Generation of Thumbnails from Product Images by Import

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X-Cart can automatically generate thumbnail images from products' full-size images when products are imported from a CSV data file. Thus, if your store carries a multitude of products, each accompanied by an image, you can have X-Cart to automatically generate a thumbnail for all or selected products.

To take advantage of this feature:

  1. In your CSV file with product data, add a new column and name it !GENERATE_THUMBNAIL.
  2. For each product that requires a thumbnail, set 'Y' in the !GENERATE_THUMBNAIL column.

After importing the CSV file with your product data, run the generation of thumbnails using this URL: http://<YOUR_STORE_DOMAIN>/admin/tools.php?generate_thumbnails=Y (Be sure to replace the portion <YOUR_XCART_DOMAIN> with the actual domain name of your X-Cart store).

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