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What is Banner System?

Banner System is an X-Cart add-on that allows administrator to place both images and HTML-code banners (including JavaScript) anywhere within X-Cart by using a special interface under the admin area. This module is useful for promoting products, events and offers.

Customer area of the Banner System

This is only an example of how the Banner System may look on your site: http://mods.x-cart.com/Banner-System.html

With the Banner System, you can place banners wherever you want. Banners are usually placed at these 4 locations: top and bottom of the site and the left and right columns of the site. By the way, you can place several banners at one location; for example, 2 banners at the top, 3 at the bottom, 5 on the left side, etc.

Admin area of the Banner System

Page 1


The 'Banner System' page has 4 sections: Top banners, Bottom banners, Left banners and Right Banners. This number of sections can be reduced from 4 to 3 for 2-column sites.

Page 2

Once the banner location is selected, the system brings up the banner management page:


It has 2 sections: a list of created banners and a section for adding of a new banner. You can set banner position (the order of the sequence of banners located at the same place) and location (by default: top, left, bottom, right).

You can also define a banner for a certain list of categories, home and secondary pages (one location for pages like “Contact us”, “Register”, “My account”, etc.). The next options affect the banners size: width and height and banner life period. It means that the banner will be shown in the customer area within the defined period of time: from the value set in the 'start date' to the one set in the 'end date'.

Besides, you can define different animation effects. The complete list of available effects can be seen at:


You can as well set the banner life as “Unlimited”; in this case, the start and end dates are not applicable for such a banner. You can show a banner with navigation. Here is an example of a banner with activated navigation option:


We can change the navigation view for you or just replace it with the “Start” and “Pause” icons.

Page 3

Banners that have been created have the “fill in the banner” link. Clicking on the link brings you to the 'Banner filling' page:


On this page you can manage the banner content. You can add both image and HTML code to a banner. For that purpose, the 'Fill in the banner section' has 2 tabs: Upload image / Upload HTML code.

On top of that, module has a number of general settings: General settings -> Banner System. Here you can set the banner rotation delay and default banner size or mark all banners as “Unlimited”.


If you have any questions feel free to ask us.