X-Cart:Configuring Payment Methods in X-Cart 4.5.3 and later

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In X-Cart versions 4.5.3 and later, payment methods are managed similarly to X-Cart versions 4.5.0-4.5.2 (See Configuring Payment Methods in X-Cart 4.5.0-4.5.2). However, you will find that the Payment methods page layout for the newer X-Cart versions is a bit different. The contents of the page is now organized into tabs:

Payment methods453.png

The Payment methods tab holds the section where you specify and configure the payment methods that you will use at your store; the Payment gateways tab holds the section where you choose the payment gateways you will use to process payments; the Help tab just allows you to see some notes on using the Payment methods page.

Note that payment gateways can now be filtered by country:

Payment gateways453.png

When you choose a country from the Your country field, the contents of the Payment gateways selector is updated to include only those payment gateways which are available in your chosen country.