X-Cart:Configuring Payment Methods in X-Cart 4.5.3 and later

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In X-Cart versions 4.5.3 and later, payment methods are managed similarly to X-Cart versions 4.5.0-4.5.2 (See Configuring Payment Methods in X-Cart 4.5.0-4.5.2). However, you will find that the Payment methods page layout for the newer X-Cart versions is a bit different. The contents of the page is now organized into tabs:

Payment methods453.png

The Payment methods tab holds the section where you specify and configure the payment methods that you will use at your store; the Payment gateways tab holds the section where you choose the payment gateways you will use to process payments; the Help tab just allows you to see some notes on using the Payment methods page.

Note that payment gateways can now be filtered by country:

Payment gateways453.png

When you choose a country from the Your country field, the contents of the Payment gateways selector is updated to include only those payment gateways which are available in your chosen country.

Note that some payment gateways may work correctly for your country of business even though they may not be listed in the Payment gateways selector after you apply filtering by a particular country. If you are sure the payment gateway you require is supported by X-Cart and works for your country of business, try using the "All countries" filter.