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To create a user profile:

1. Go to the 'Users Management' section of your store's Admin area (Management menu->Users).

2. In the section menu, click on the link corresponding to the type of user profile that you wish to create:

  • Administrator - use the link 'Create administrator profile',
  • Provider (available only in X-Cart PRO) - use the link 'Create provider profile',
  • Customer - use the link 'Create customer profile',
  • Partner (available only in stores using X-Affiliate add-on module) - use the link 'Create partner profile'.

A dialog box titled 'Profile details' opens.

3. In the 'Profile details' dialog box define the details of the new user profile (See the section Defining User Profile Details).

4. Click the Save button.

After you click on Save, the user profile is created.

Note (for users of X-Affiliate add-on module): After creating a partner profile, you need to approve the new partner using the 'Approve or decline partner profile' form.
Note (for users of X-Cart PRO only): After creating a provider profile, you can define a seller address for this provider (See Defining a Provider's Seller Address). If you wish, you can enable your store providers to define their own seller addresses by enabling the option 'Allow provider users to edit their Seller address' in General settings/General options.