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You can define a seller address for each of the providers in your store. A provider's seller address is an address that will be used by online real-time shipping rate calculation services to calculate shipping rates for orders shipped from this provider.

To define a seller address for a provider, do the following:

1. Click the Seller address link above the 'Profile details' dialog box. This displays the 'Seller address' form:

Seller address.gif

2. Enter the desired address into the fields of the 'Seller address' form. The country of the seller address must be the same as the country specified in the 'Company country' field of the company location address (See the section 'Company location address' in General settings/Company options).

3. If your store is using real-time shipping calculation via the API provided by DHL (the option 'Enable real-time shipping calculation' in General settings/Shipping options is enabled and any of the DHL shipping methods are 'active'), you will see that the 'Seller address' form also contains a section for DHL account information:

Seller address dhl.gif

This section can be used to specify a DHL account different from the one specified on the General settings/Shipping options page.

If you wish to use the DHL account specified on the General settings/Shipping options page for this provider, leave the fields in the 'DHL account' section of the 'Seller address' form empty.

If you wish to use a separate DHL account for this provider, complete the 'DHL account' section providing the credentials for access to this account.

Please note that if the seller address is different from the address stored on file at DHL for the account used for DHL real-time shipping calculation, tracking of shipments by sender account number will not be possible.

4. Click the Save button.