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The 'General settings/Email options' page allows you to define options that affect sending of email notifications and newsletters.

Basic email options

  • HTML mail: If selected, email notifications are sent in the form of HTML mail.
  • Encode mail headers using "Base 64": If selected, mail headers are encoded with "Base 64" for correct presentation in mail clients.
  • Use internal PHP mailer for sending newsletters: If selected, an internal PHP mailer is used for sending newsletters. You can unselect this check box to use the external admin/newsletter.sh mailer. When the number of newsletter subscribers is large, using the external mailer is recommended.
Note: Using the external mailer is possible on Unix systems only.

Email content options

  • Include order details (credit card information) into admin order notification message (it is recommended to use PGP encryption with this option enabled): If selected, your customers' credit card information is included into order notifications sent to the store administrator.
  • Include user password in email notifications to the Users department: If selected, user passwords are included into email notifications sent to the users department.
  • Maximum string length: Maximum number of characters which can be displayed on a line in the first column of a plain text email notification with a two-column layout. If a field name that needs to be displayed in the first column is longer than the maximum string length value, it is truncated (like 'First Name' would be truncated to 'First N...' if you set the maximum string length to 10).

SMTP options

It is a requirement with some ISPs that all mail from your store (email notifications, news messages, etc) should be sent through an SMTP server. For your X-Cart store, this means that an authentication step will be involved in the process of sending mail. X-Cart will need to log in to the SMTP server allowing the SMTP-AUTH extension to identify it as an authorized sender. To enable your X-Cart store to pass SMTP authentication automatically whenever an email message is sent from it, configure the options in this section.

  • Use SMTP server instead of internal PHP mailer: Select this option to enable X-Cart to use an SMTP server (When this option is unselected, X-Cart uses the internal PHP mailer).
  • SMTP server: Host name of the SMTP server that your X-Cart needs to use (like mail.example.com, smtp.example.com, etc)
  • SMTP port: Port that needs to be used to connect to the SMTP server. By default, 25.
  • SMTP "MAIL FROM" email address: Sender email address that will be specified in the SMTP envelope 'From' field in all messages sent from X-Cart. Please note that it is not the email address that the recipients of the message will be able to see as the address of the sender, but the address by which the SMTP server will be able to identify your store as an authorized sender. If this option is not set, X-Cart will attempt to use Site administrator email address defined in General settings/Company options.
  • SMTP AUTH username and SMTP AUTH password: Username and password that need to be used for SMTP authentication.
  • SMTP AUTH method: Method of SMTP authentication to be used. The following methods are supported by X-Cart: PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5. You need to select a method supported by the SMTP server that X-Cart will use. If you are not sure, which method to choose, you may just leave this option set to default (Automatically select best method); in this case, X-Cart will automatically check, what methods are supported, and will choose the most secure one.