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What Extra Fields module does

If you think the 'Product details' form used in X-Cart to provide information about products is lacking some fields, you should consider using X-Cart's Extra Fields module. This module allows you to create custom fields for the 'Product details' form.

For example, the module can be used to add 'Author' or 'ISBN' fields to a product that is a book:

Extra field1.gif

X-Cart supports product search by extra fields both in the Customer area and in the store's back end, so putting information by which a product is likely to be searched for in extra fields can facilitate finding products.

To enable search by extra fields in the Customer area, go to Settings -> General settings -> Product search options and enable search by the required fields. Check boxes "Search also in: %EXTRA_FIELD_NAME%" appear in the Customer area.

If a customer selects such a check box, search will also be conducted

Roles in Extra Fields module management

If you are an X-Cart GOLD administrator/provider:

If you are an X-Cart PRO administrator:

  • You can enable/disable Extra Fields module and adjust its configuration settings (See #Enabling and Configuring 'Extra Fields').
  • You can define which of the extra fields created by the store providers need to be included into the product search form (See #Enabling Search by Extra Fields).
  • You can see the extra fields of any product in the store regardless of what provider the product belongs to.

If you are an X-Cart PRO provider:

Enabling and Configuring 'Extra Fields'

To begin using the module:

  1. Enable Extra Fields module (Administration menu->Modules).
  2. If you enable the module in an X-Cart PRO-based store shared by multiple providers, adjust the maximum number of extra fields each provider will be able to define (General settings/Modules options->Extra fields options):

Extrafields opts1.gif

Click the Save button.

Adding Extra Fields

Assigning Values to Extra Fields

Managing Extra Fields

Enabling Search by Extra Fields