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FacebookTab version and upgrades

The engine of the FacebookTab module was built with the goal to not make any modifications whatsoever to X-Cart's core. As the result, the FacebookTab installation wizard doesn't change any existing files in your X-Cart store; it only adds new files.

That allows us to make minor releases of the module every time we resolve a critical issue. And all the customers can replace their current version with a newer one.

Note: To check your FacebookTab version, open the "VERSION.FACEBOOK_TAB" file in your X-Cart root directory. If the file does not exist, perhaps, the very first version of the file has been deleted.

Below we will describe how you can upgrade your existing FacebookTab to the latest version.

Upgrading the FacebookTab module

Upgrading by reinstalling

If you do not care about the FacebookTab module settings (Settings -> Module -> FacebookTab configure) and do not have a custom modification of FacebookTab module, you can remove the module and make the fresh install.

To reinstall the module:

1. Make the full backup of your X-Cart store.

2. Remove the module.

3. Download the new version, make the fresh install and configure the installed module according to the manual.

The upgrade is completed.

Upgrading by overwriting certain files

If you would like to save your module settings and has the non-modified FacebookTab module you can just rewrite the current files with new ones.

To upgrade by overwriting certain files:

1. Make the full backup of your X-Cart store.

2. Download the new version from the File Area, copy it to your server and unpack it.

3. Copy the new templates to the destination directory:

  • "<x-cart>/skin1/modules/Facebook_Tab" for X-Cart 4.1.x-4.3.x
  • "<x-cart>/skin/common_files/modules/Facebook_Tab" for X-Cart 4.4.x

4. Clear the cache.

Upgrading customized module

If you are using a customized FacebookTab module, we recommend you to make the full re-installation and then apply the custom mods to the new version.