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Additional information about X-Cart shopping cart software can be requested by using a special form in the ‘CONTACT US’ section on our website (http://www.x-cart.com/contact_us.html) or by posting a message to sales@x-cart.com.

X-Cart Support Team

The X-Cart Support engineers will advise you about backing up your store and restoring it from the backup. The Support team is available to registered X-Cart license owners only and must be addressed through your personal Help Desk account at https://secure.qtmsoft.com.

X-Cart Community Forums

The X-Cart Community Forums provide you with an opportunity to discuss X-Cart related issues with other community members. The Forums are available at http://forum.x-cart.com. For security reasons, some topics and threads at the forums are open to registered X-Cart license owners only.

Qualiteam Support Helpdesk

If possible please search the database prior to posting, to avoid creating duplicate entries.