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To export products with images

  1. Go to Tools > Import/Export > Export data section.
  2. Select Yes in the Do you wish to export images? section.
  3. Select products in the Data types section.
  4. Click Export.
  5. The required CSV file is generated in X-Cart and a directory containing images is saved to <xcart_dir>/var/tmp/export_*** . The exact name of this directory can be looked up in the Export packs section. You can download this directory using FTP or SSH.

To import products with images

To import products with images, the CSV file must contain columns !THUMBNAIL and !IMAGE . The simplest way to get a valid file is to export a product with images (see the previous section for instructions on how to do that) and use it as a template.

  1. Place the directory containing product images to a temporary directory inside X-Cart. For example, you can create a directory in <xcart_dir>/var/tmp . If you are importing products from one X-Cart to another, you can just place the directory export _***, described above, to the specified directory <xcart_dir>/var/tmp .
  2. On the Import/Export -> Import data page click Import options.
  3. In the Directory where images are located field enter the absolute(!) path to the directory, where you have placed the images. The absolute path to the X-Cart directory can be looked up on the Tools->Summary page in the Environment info section.
  4. Select the required file.
  5. Select the required delimiter.
  6. Click Import.