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3rd party module initialization

In version 4.4.3, the module initialization routine has been changed and optimized. Unlike in versions 4.4.0-4.4.2, initialization order now does matter.

For the standard modules, dependencies of the modules on one another are described in the function include/data_cache.php:func_sort_active_modules

If your 3rd-party module depends on other modules, and no other modules depend on it, you can place the initialization of that module to the very end of the module initialization queue.

Here is how you do that.

Index: include/data_cache.php

--- include/data_cache.php 2011-05-16 14:11:41.000000000 +0400
+++ include/data_cache.php 2011-05-16 14:11:37.000000000 +0400
@@ -144,6 +144,7 @@
'Image_Verification' => 33,# Image_Verification depends on Survey/News_Management
'Manufacturers' => 23,
'XAffiliate' => 24, #XAffiliate depends on Manufacturers
+ '3dPartyModule1' => 2000,
$key_a = isset($sort_order[$a]) ? -$sort_order[$a] : -1000;
$key_b = isset($sort_order[$b]) ? -$sort_order[$b] : -1001;

This patch means that 3dPartyModule1 will be initialized last for this array of modules.

If the order number of a certain module is not defined, it is assumed to be 1000. The initialization order for modules with identical module numbers is undefined.

Reserved service names

Below is a list of service names used by Qualiteam solutions:

Service names of X-Cart modules: Add_to_cart_popup Advanced_Customer_Reviews Advanced_Order_Management Advanced_Statistics Amazon_Checkout Anti_Fraud Banner_System Benchmark Bestsellers Customer_Reviews Detailed_Product_Images Discount_Coupons EU_Cookie_Law Egoods Extra_Fields Fast_Lane_Checkout Feature_Comparison Flyout_Menus Froogle Gift_Certificates Gift_Registry Google_Analytics Google_Checkout Greet_Visitor HTML_Editor Image_Verification Interneka Lexity Magnifier Mailchimp_Subscription Maintenance_Agent Manufacturers New_Arrivals News_Management On_Sale Order_Tracking PayPalAuth Product_Configurator Product_Options Products_Map QuickBooks Quick_Reorder RMA Recently_Viewed Recommended_Products Shipping_Label_Generator Simple_Mode Sitemap SnS_connector Socialize Special_Offers Stop_List Subscriptions Survey TaxCloud UPS_OnLine_Tools Upselling_Products Users_online Wholesale_Trading Wishlist XAffiliate XPayments_Connector XSEO

Names of sql tables: prefixed with "xcart_"

Names of config sql variables: See: sql/xcart_data.sql

Names of language sql variables: See: sql/xcart_languages_US.sql

To avoid service name conflicts with Qualiteam solutions, developers of 3rd party add-on modules should avoid using the above listed service names for the purpose of naming entities pertaining to their work. It is strongly recommended that a unique prefix be used for your add-on module in all the language variables, sql-xcart_config, sql-xcart_languages, sql-xcart_modules, global variables, module name and names of module files.