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To set up real-time shipping cost calculation through InterShipper:

1. If you haven't yet done so, provide your company address in the 'General settings->Company options' section. Make sure you provide this address correctly - it will be submitted to InterShipper real-time shipping calculator as the origin address for all shipments from your store and thus will affect the shipping rates.

2. Obtain an InterShipper account (This can be done at InterShipper website).

3. Enable your store to use InterShipper real-time shipping calculator:

a. In your store's Admin area, go to the 'General settings->Shipping options' section.
b. On the 'General settings->Shipping options' page, select the check boxes 'Enable real-time shipping calculation' and 'Use Intershipper calculation service'.
c. In the 'InterShipper account details' subsection of 'General settings->Shipping options' page, enter your InterShipper username and password.
d. Click the Save button.

4. Adjust InterShipper options for your store:

a. Go to the 'Shipping methods' section of your store's Admin area (Settings menu->Shipping methods).
b. In the section menu, click the 'Real-time processors options' link. A dialog box titled 'InterShipper options' opens.
Intershipper opts.gif
c. Adjust the settings provided in the 'InterShipper options' dialog box according to your preferences.
d. Click the Apply button.

That is all. Now you can test whether your store can receive real-time shipping rates correctly. For details, see X-Cart:Testing Your Store's Ability to Receive Real-time Shipping Rates page.

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