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X-Cart 4.4or above

This is a default X-Cart MailChimp Newsletters module, bundled with X-Cart. It does not require installation, you only need to enable and configure it.

When the module is configured, customers on checkout see an offer to subscribe to the store's newsletters. Basically, the subscription flow is:

  • customers accept the offer to subscribe by clicking "Subscribe me to the company newsletter" checkbox at checkout;
  • they get email to confirm their subscription.
  • once they confirmed their subscription, their email is added to your Mailchimp's mailist.

All the other tasks (creating and managing lists and newsletter contents) are done on the MailChimp side.

If you look for a powerful MailChimp mailing system integration, check out X-MailChimp Integration module.

Enabling and configuring MailChimp Newsletters

To begin using the module:

  1. Enable MailChimp module (Settings->Modules).
  2. Create a MailChimp account.
  3. Adjust the module settings via Settings->General settings/Modules->MailChimp Newsletters:


    • API Key: Enter your API key you received by clicking here.
    • List Unique Id: Go to your Lists and click the Settings link for the list you want to use. The Unique Id is located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Apply changes.