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MultiCurrency is an add-on that allows using multiple currencies at customer's front end. The add-on features:

  • Changing your online store's default currency.
  • Defining any number of additional currencies.
  • Automatically displaying prices in your customers' local currencies.

and much more.

Note: All the actual charges occur in your store's default currency. Prices displayed in any other currency are for informational purposes only. The accuracy of price calculations in other currencies depends on the exchange rate set forth in the add-on settings, and the order total may differ from the actual amount to be charged, especially for large numbers of products.

System requirements

To be able to successfully install and use the MultiCurrency add-on, you must have a working copy of X-Cart Gold or X-Cart Pro already installed on your server. Make sure that the version of the MultiCurrency add-on matches the version of your copy of X-Cart.

Note: If you do not remember the version of your copy of X-Cart, you can find it in the Summary/Environment info section of the X-Cart Admin area (selectAdministration -> Summary) on the menu.

3 Installation and removal

4 Enabling MultiCurrency Module in X-Cart 8 Using MultiCurrency