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I'm setting up credit card processor, but I get an error - CC processor is not available, what is wrong ?

Some payment processors that are integrated with X-Cart require Perl interpreter and Net::SSLeay Perl module to be installed on your host. Also, X-Cart can use libCurl, CURL instead Net::SSLeay.

Here are the list of CC processors that require this module:

- Authorize.net
- PayPal IPN
- Plug and Pay
- Merchant Manager
- Intellipay, etc.

Net::SSLeay Perl module, libCURL or CURL executable components are to be installed on your host. Open the "Summary" page of the "Administration" menu in the admin area and check the existing of this components. Your should set the available component in x-cart: "General settings" page, choose from "Selected HTTPS module" dropdown.

NOTE: If you set the Net::SSLeay perl module as HTTPS module, you must specify the full path to Perl interpreter executable in the "General settings" menu.

If Net::SSLeay is not installed on your host you can download precompiled binaries of this module from your personal file area (Net_SSLeay_binaries.ZIP) and install it, instructions are included.

When using Worldpay, after a successful payment no order is placed into X-Cart database, what is wrong ?

After a successful payment, Wordpay is supposed to notify X-Cart that the order has been processed. After that the order is to be placed in X-Cart database along with all the product options (color, size, etc).

In order to get the notifications you should specify callback URL to which Worldpay will post order confirmations. Go to the configuration options dialog in your merchant account and set the following parameters:

- Merchant's shop URL - http://www.yoursite.com/xcartdir/customer/home.php
- Callback URL - http://www.yoursite.com/xcartdir/payment/cc_worldpay.php
- Callback enabled? - On
- FuturePay callback Enabled? (Requires standard Callback enabled) - Off
- Use callback response? - On

"VeriSign PayFlow Pro client not found" error

Verisign Payflow Pro is not configured in X-Cart. The first steps to set up the payment processing method are as follows:

1. Check what OS you are using. Go to admin back-end -> "Summary" page -> "Environment components info:" ("Operation system" parameter).

2. Go to the Verisign site and download files which correspond to your OS (there must be a special archive):

pfpro pfpro-file libpfpro.so

3. Place the files to X-Cart "payment/" directory

payment/bin/pfpro payment/bin/pfpro-file payment/lib/libpfpro.so

4. Set executable permissions on these files (chmod 755)

Authorize.Net error "MD5 transaction signature is incorrect! (Reason Code 0 / Sub 0)"

Usually this error is caused by incorrect values submitted for Authorize.Net in the X-Cart admin zone and/or in your merchant account back-office.

Check the settings in your X-Cart: "Payment method" page -> scroll down to Authorize.Net and click 'Configure'. Make sure that there are correct values for Login, Transaction key and MD5 hash. For example, it might be that MD5 hash value is wrong or empty.

Login (API Login ID) and Transaction key are recorded in your merchant account back-office on the "Account -> API Login ID and Transaction Key" page.

MD5 hash value is generated in your Authorize.Net account as well:

  1. Log in on to the account,
  2. Select Settings from the Main Menu
  3. Click on MD5 Hash in the Security section,
  4. Enter a new value (it is not recommended to use such characters like {, }, *, !),
  5. Confirm the value entered,
  6. Click Submit.