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Protx changed its name to Sage Pay this spring. However, this change affects not just the name and the logo. There are slight changes in the products as well.

A Sage Pay rep said:

On the integration side of things there is a requirement to change the URL end points from Protx.com to SagePay.com: Source and destination URLs
But it is not an urgent change as both old and new URL end points will be active for the next 6 months.
Here are the specific URL end points changes that should be applied to your X-Cart installation:
  • payment/cc_protxdir.php (VSP Direct)
the following URLs:
should be replaced with these URLs correspondingly:
https://test.Sage Pay.com:443/Simulator/VSPDirectGateway.asp
https://test.Sage Pay.com:443/gateway/service/vspdirect-register.vsp
https://live.Sage Pay.com:443/gateway/service/vspdirect-register.vsp
https://test.Sage Pay.com:443/Simulator/VSPDirectCallback.asp
https://test.Sage Pay.com:443/gateway/service/direct3dcallback.vsp
https://live.Sage Pay.com:443/gateway/service/direct3dcallback.vsp
  • payment/cc_protx.php (VSP Form)
the following URLs:
should be replaced with these URLs correspondingly:
https://test.Sage Pay.com/Simulator/VSPFormGateway.asp
https://test.Sage Pay.com/gateway/service/vspform-register.vsp
https://live.Sage Pay.com/gateway/service/vspform-register.vsp

Updating the Protx URLs to Sage Pay URLs is the main, but not the only change. Protx/Sage Pay also updated their integration protocol from version 2.22 to 2.23. Here is what an email received from Sage Pay says:

In order to continue to deliver high levels of security we recently performed an in-depth scan of vendors who are passing invalid characters to the Sage Pay systems. We noticed that you are one of these vendors and strongly advise you to update your integration as soon as possible. Accepting invalid characters is not considered best practice and we are therefore updating our systems accordingly.
How this affects you:
We are implementing an update to the Sage Pay integration protocol on Friday the 29th of May 2009.
This update increases the stringency of the character validation checks performed on incoming transactions to our systems, and is designed to ensure that transactions which include invalid characters are rejected.
This means that as of the 29th of May 2009 any transactions passed to Sage Pay that include invalid characters will be rejected. Your business will therefore be unable to process transactions after this date if no action is taken.

The Sage Pay/Protx integration was updated in X-Cart v.4.2.2 and higher to use the new protocol version 2.23. If you use an older version of X-Cart, we recommend you to update the Sage Pay/Protx integration in your X-Cart store. To do it, you should apply the corresponding patch.

For v.4.1.12, v.4.2.0 and v.4.2.1:

You can find the patch by the following path in the "File area" section of your Qualiteam account:

X-Cart -> X-Cart supporting files for prev versions -> X-Cart 4.1 -> X-Cart 4.1.12 -> Updates and patches -> protx-sage_pay-patch-2010-05-28_4.1.12.tgz
X-Cart -> X-Cart supporting files for prev versions -> X-Cart 4.2 -> X-Cart 4.2.0 -> Updates and patches -> protx-sage_pay-patch-2010-05-28_4.2.0.tgz
X-Cart -> X-Cart supporting files for prev versions -> X-Cart 4.2 -> X-Cart 4.2.1-> Updates and patches -> protx-sage_pay-patch-2010-05-28_4.2.1.tgz
In X-Cart v.4.2.2, v.4.2.3 and v.4.3.0 some problems related to Sage Pay (Protx) payment gateway were fixed. Thus, we also created patches for these versions, which include the corresponding bug-fixes only. The patches can be found in the "File area" section as well.

If you use older versions, please contact our support team.