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What QuickBooks module does

This module enables you to export orders to IIF format (QuickBooks 2002, 2003).

Enabling and Configuring 'QuickBooks'

To begin using the module:

1. Enable QuickBooks module (Administration menu->Modules).

When the module is enabled, you can see QuickBooks options section in General settings/Modules options.

2. Adjust the module settings via General settings/Modules options->QuickBooks options:

Quickbooks opts.gif

3. Click the Save button.


Quickbooks issue: 'payment mismatch' error

X-Cart 4.0.x-4.1.8

Affected versions: X-Cart 4.0.x-4.1.8

When importing the IIF file, which contains an order with several products partially paid with a gift certificate, into Quickbooks, we will get the 'payment mismatch' error.

The solution in this case is applying File:Quickbooks payment mismatch fix.txt patch.