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Enabling and configuring SecureTrading payment method

  1. Log in to the X-Cart Admin area.
  2. Go to the Payment methods section (Administration menu -> Payment methods) and scroll down to the Payment gateways form.
  3. Select SecureTrading from the drop-down list and click the Add button. After you have clicked on Add, SecureTrading will be added to the list of the available payment methods.
  4. Click on the Configure link. This opens the configuration page for SecureTrading.

To configure the SecureTrading payment method, complete the required fields below and click Update to save the changes.


  • Login: Specify your login on securetrading.com;
  • Order prefix: Specify a prefix by which you will be able to identify your transactions on securetrading.com (On securetrading.com, specific transactions can be found by a combination of prefix and order ID).
  • ID number of the page set to use for a customer who goes to pay through SecureTrading: Specify a page ID number or leave empty to use the default set.
    You can have more than one payment page, if you want. Copy the template files to a new set of files with a number appended to the end of the filename (ID number). Customize the files as necessary, and upload them to the SecureTrading secure server. Use this field to specify the ID number of the page set you want to use.
  • Currency: Select a currency to be used for SecureTrading transactions.

Customizing the callback files

1. Edit the templates/callback-f.txt and templates/callback.txt files as described below:

  • Open the file
  • Find the row with the URL definition:
url1   http://www.example.com/example_xcart_dir/payment/cc_securetrading.php

and replace this URL by:

url1   http://www.yoursite.com/your_xcart_dir/payment/cc_securetrading.php

(please make sure that url1 and the link are tab separated)

2. Upload all the files located in the 'templates' subdirectory of this archive to your SecureTrading account using the "File manager" section. (Any files uploaded to your account previously should be replaced by these new files).