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1. download ics binary from the File Area -> X-Cart -> X-Cart supporting files for prev versions -> Miscellaneous section of your X-Cart Account

2. login to your server using SSH/FTP

3. go to payment directory of your x-cart

4. create folder ics (mkdir ics)

5. go to ics folder (cd ics)

6. create directory bin

7. upload ics binary into this bin folder (/payment/ics/bin)

8. make the file executable (chmod 755 /payment/ics/bin/ics)

9. create a directory named keys in the payment/ics folder (/payment/ics/keys) and grant 777 permissions to the folder (chmod 777 /payment/ics/keys)

10. go to keys folder

12. upload ecert binary (certificate generation binary from Cybersource site) into keys folder. You can download ecert binary (ECert Application linux v.5.0.0) at http://apps.cybersource.com/cgi-bin/pages/additional.cgi?kit=Update_to_ECert_Application

13. grant executable permissions for the ecert file (chmod 755 ecert)

14. run certificate generation process

cd /payment/ics/keys
./ecert -path ./

Please note that to run the certificate generation utility you should be invoked from shell prompt of your server. If you do not have SSH access to your server, ask your hosting administrator to run the command for you.

Or just prepare general PHP script which executes PHP function system (http://php.net/system)

For example, upload a script to payment/ics/keys folder (file example.php)

system("./ecert -path ./ 2&bt;&1;");

And call this script from browser. If you see that certificate files were properly generated, you may proceed.

15. login into admin area of your x-cart

16. open Payment methods page, add Cybersource payment method to the list of active methods

17. Open cybersource configuration page

18. Enter you Cybersource merchant ID

19. Enter full path to the payment/ics folder on your server. For example, like this:


You will find path to x-cart directory on Summary page of the admin area as Environment component variable: X-Cart directory

20. Enter server name: ics2.ic3.com Port: 80

21. Try to make a transaction using Cybersource payment method.