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What Simple Mode module does

Simple mode is a module included with X-Cart PRO distribution package only. This module allows you to enable an operational mode in which the Admin and Provider areas of your store are combined into one interface. The module works in such a way that any administrator accounts existing in the store are disabled, while all provider accounts get administrator privileges. As a result, you no longer have separate administrator and provider accounts: when Simple mode is enabled, the Administration menu, typically available just in the Admin area, appears in the Provider area along with the provider menus. Some menu items are also added to the existing provider menus.

Simple mode may be useful:

  • when an X-Cart PRO-based store is run by one person, and this person wants to have both the administrator and provider settings in one interface;


  • when, before a store goes live, one person wants to configure it both for administrator and provider without having to switch endlessly between the Admin and Provider areas.

Using Simple mode in live stores with many providers is hardly reasonable. Of course, you may set up as many provider accounts as you like, and each of these accounts will be able to have its own product set, shipping and tax rates, discounts, etc; however, please be aware that all of the provider account users in your store will have total control over the store configuration and appearance (which means, any modifications regarding the store configuration and appearance made by a specific provider will affect not just his or her section, but the entire store).

Important: Simple mode is not the same thing as Single Store mode. Simple mode puts together the menus of the Admin and Provider areas; Single Store mode allows multiple providers to have a common product set and to use common destination zones, tax rates, shipping rates, discounts, etc.

Roles in Simple Mode module management

If you are an X-Cart PRO administrator:

  • You can enable the module Simple Mode via the Modules section of X-Cart Admin area (Administration menu->Modules).
Warning: Before you enable Simple mode, make sure there is at least one active provider account in your store. You need to have provider access to the store to be able to use the Admin area.

If you are an X-Cart PRO provider who possesses administrator privileges in a store operating in Simple mode:

  • You can disable the module Simple Mode via the Modules section of X-Cart Admin area (Administration menu->Modules).