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X-Cart 4.4or above


The Sitemap module allows you to add a sitemap page to your site. The sitemap page can include the following items:

  • categories
  • products
  • manufacturers
  • static pages
  • extra pages

Sitemap is available as a built-in module in all X-Cart editions. It does not require installation and can be enabled in the Modules section of X-Cart Admin area.

Configuring the module

To configure the module find it in the modules list and click the Configure link on the right. The module configuration page opens. Adjust the settings in the following sections:

Layout options

Select check boxes next to the items you want to be included into the sitemap.


Sorting options

Select the way items in the sitemap should be sorted: by their position number or alphabetically.



Multilingual sitemap: Select this check box to display the sitemap in the language, selected by the customer, if multilingual item names are available.

Use membership settings: Select this check box to take membership settings into consideration when creating a sitemap for a specific customer. If some products can only be shown to customers, belonging to certain membership groups, and the customer does not belong to these groups, these products will be excluded from the sitemap.


Extra URLs

Use this section to include other pages into your sitemap. Enter the page name, URL address, position number and click Add new.


To exclude this page from the sitemap temporarily, unselect the "Active" check box on the right and click Update. To delete a page from the sitemap, select the check box to the left of its name and click Delete selected.