X-Cart:Testing Your Store's Ability to Receive Real-time Shipping Rates

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You can test your store's ability to receive real-time shipping rates:

1. Go to the 'Test realtime shipping' page:

Go to the 'Shipping methods' section of the store's Admin area (Settings menu->Shipping methods) and click the 'Test Real-time Shipping Rates Calculation' link in the section menu.


Go to the 'General options->Shipping settings' page, scroll down to the 'Test Realtime Shipping Rates Calculation' subsection and click the Test button.

A dialog box titled 'Test destination shipping address' opens.

2. In the 'Test destination shipping address' dialog box:

a. Enter a test destination address.
b. In the 'Weight (<units>)' field, specify package weight.
Note: Units of weight can be re-defined in the 'General settings->General options' section: see the options 'Weight symbol' and 'Grams in the unit of weight defined by the weight symbol');
c. (Needs to be done only when UPS OnLine® Tools module is enabled) From the 'Select a carrier' field, select, whether you wish to receive rates for United Parcel Service or Other carriers.
d. Click the Submit button.

If X-Cart is able to submit your request to the selected real-time shipping calculator, in the space below the 'Test destination shipping address' dialog box you should be able to see your request and the calculator's response in XML format. If the store is able to receive rates from the calculator, you should also be able to see a list of received shipping rates displayed below the response section.