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X-Cart 4.6or above
Component Copyright owner License
Smarty Copyright (c) @author Monte Ohrt <monte at ohrt dot com>
@author Andrei Zmievski <andrei@php.net>
@copyright 2001-2005 New Digital Group, Inc.
LGPL license
htmlpurifier Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Edward Z. Yang LGPL license
phpmailer Copyright (c) Author: Andy Prevost (project admininistrator)
Author: Brent R. Matzelle (original founder) Copyright (c) 2004-2007, Andy Prevost.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright (c) 2001-2003, Brent R. Matzelle
LGPL license
JSON Copyright (c) @author Michal Migurski <mike-json@teczno.com>
@author Matt Knapp <mdknapp[at]gmail[dot]com>
@author Brett Stimmerman <brettstimmerman[at]gmail[dot]com>
@copyright 2005 Michal Migurski
BSD License
Unsharp Mask for PHP Copyright (c) Unsharp mask algorithm by Torstein 2003-07. License limitations are unspecified.
edit_area Copyright (c) Developped by Christophe Dolivet Copyright 2008 Christophe Dolivet LGPL, Apache and BSD licenses
ckeditor Copyright (c) 2003-2010, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved. GPL, LGPL and MPL open source licenses
tinymce Copyright (c) Copyright 2009, Moxiecode Systems AB LGPL license
innovaeditor Copyright (c) Copyright 2003-2007, INNOVA STUDIO (www.InnovaStudio.com) http://www.innovastudio.com/editor_license.aspx
jquery Copyright (c) Copyright 2010, John Resig Copyright 2010, The Dojo Foundation MIT and GPL v2 licensehttp://jquery.org/license
PEAR Copyright (c) @author Sterling Hughes <sterling@php.net>
@author Stig Bakken <ssb@php.net>
@author Tomas V.V.Cox <cox@idecnet.com>
@author Greg Beaver <cellog@php.net>
@copyright 1997-2010 The Authors
PHP license 3.01
PEAR::Cache_Lite Copyright (c) @author Fabien MARTY <fab@php.net> LGPL license
Cloud Zoom (jQuery plugin) (c) 2010 by R Cecco. <http://www.professorcloud.com> MIT license
clueTip (jQuery plugin) @author Karl Swedberg GPL and MIT license
ColorBox (jQuery plugin) Copyright (c) 2010 Jack Moore - jack@colorpowered.com MIT license
bgIframe (jQuery plugin) Copyright (c) 2006 Brandon Aaron (http://brandonaaron.net) MIT license
blockUI (jQuery plugin) Copyright (c) 2007-2008 M. Alsup MIT license
cookies (jQuery plugin) Copyright (c) 2006 Klaus Hartl (stilbuero.de) MIT license
jQuery UI CSS Framework Copyright (c) 2010 AUTHORS.txt (http://jqueryui.com/about) GPL and MIT license
OpenID copyright 2005-2008 Janrain, Inc. (openid@janrain.com) Apache 2.0 license
PasswordHash Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Solar Designer (solar@openwall.com)
Klarna API Copyright (c) 2012 Klarna AB ([1]) BSD 2 License
PEAR::Text_Diff Copyright (c) 2004 Geoffrey T. Dairiki <dairiki@dairiki.org>, Copyright 2004-2009 The Horde Project (http://www.horde.org/) LGPL license
handlebars.min.js Copyright (c) 2011 Yehuda Katz
jCarousel (jQuery plugin) Copyright (c) 2006 Jan Sorgalla (http://sorgalla.com) GPL and MIT license
SWFObject author unknown MIT license
hoverIntent (jQuery plugin) Copyright (c) 2011 Brian Cherne (brian@cherne.net)
phpseclib Jim Wigginton <terrafrost@php.net> (https://github.com/phpseclib/phpseclib ) MIT license
tooltipster Caleb Jacob (https://github.com/iamceege/tooltipster) MIT license
Select2 4.0.1 https://select2.github.io Released under the MIT license https://github.com/select2/select2/blob/master/LICENSE.md
Moment.js http://momentjs.com/ Freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license
jquery-date-range-picker https://github.com/longbill/jquery-date-range-picker https://github.com/longbill/jquery-date-range-picker/blob/master/LICENSE.txt