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A few words on Google Analytics "Goals" and "Goal Funnels"

Your Google Analytics account allows you to track certain steps that visitors take on your website and that are important to you.

Applied to X-Cart, the use of a goal can assist you in determining when customers abandon the store after adding products to the shopping cart. This information can be helpful in determining where customers are "dropping off".

More information on Google Analytics "goals" and "funnels"

Tracking shopping cart abandonment

Setting up the Goal

You can use a goal and a funnel in your Google Analytics account to track shopping cart abandonment on your X-Cart-powered store. This will allow you to learn more about where customers drop-off during checkout.

Here we assume that the name of the X-Cart folder is store.

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account at https://www.google.com/analytics/.
  2. Select the account that contains the profile you'll be creating goals in from the Overview page.
  3. Find the profile for which you will be creating goals, and click Edit in the Actions column.
  4. In the Goals section, select one of the four sets of goals (each set contains up to five goals) and click Add goal. You can create up to 20 goals if you use all four sets.
  5. Enter the goal's name so that you can quickly recognize it when viewing reports.
  6. Turn the goal On or Off. If you choose On, that means you want Google Analytics to track this conversion goal at this time. Turning it Off will only make the goal inactive without deleting it.
  7. Select the goal's position. The pull-down menu lets you select a goal's position from within a set so that you can control the order in which it appears from the Goals tab in your reports, or lets you move a goal from one set to another.
  8. Select the type of goal that you wish to setup. This can be URL Destination, Time on Site, or Pages/Visit. We recommend that you start with URL Destination.
  9. Once you select the radio button for URL Destination, a field for Goal Details should appear.
  10. Fill in the following values:
    • Match Type: Head Match
    • Goal URL: /store/cart.php?mode=order_message (remember that here we are assuming that X-Cart has been installed in the root of your Web site and that the name of the X-Cart folder is "store").
    • Case sensitive: no
    • Goal value: (optional)
  11. Click "Yes, create a funnel for this goal"

Setting up the Funnel