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In X-Cart, each user is represented by a user account. An account is a record in the database that identifies a user and stores essential user information. Each X-Cart user account belongs to one of the account types available in the system.

In X-Cart GOLD and GOLD PLUS, the two available account types are:

  • customer
  • administrator/provider (also known as admin/provider or simply admin)

In X-Cart PLATINUM and PRO, the user account types are:

  • customer
  • administrator (also known as admin)
  • provider

Additional account types may be added by X-Cart add-on modules (for example, partner in X-Affiliate).

The type of user account defines the set of access privileges granted to a user:

Customer account is an account type that provides full-featured access to the Customer area of an X-Cart based store. Although store visitors are not required to have an account to be able to place orders, having an account is very convenient. For example, an account saves your customers the trouble of having to type in their personal information and billing/shipping addresses every time they order a product: all the necessary info is stored permanently in their personal profile and can be re-used when necessary. Besides, some features (like orders history, wish lists / gift registry, special offer bonus points, returns) are available only to registered customers. Customer accounts can be created directly from the Customer area. To create a customer account, a user needs to complete a 'Profile details' form (available by clicking the Register link in the Authentication box) and submit it.

Administrator and provider accounts are account types that provide access to the Admin area and Provider area of X-Cart PLATINUM and PRO, respectively.

Type of task Administrator account is used to: Provider account is used to:
Setting up the store • adjust options affecting the store appearance and functionality

• control the set of modules and add-ons used in the store

• adjust the set of countries, states and counties with which the store can work

• define methods by which the store will be able to deliver products to customers

• define taxes that will be used in the store

• define methods of payment that will be accepted by the store

• define destination zones (locations for which shipping and tax rates will be the same)

• define which of the taxes created by the store administrator need to be applied to products

• define tax rates for specific destination zones

• define shipping rates for specific shipping methods and destination zones

Managing the product catalog • create and manage product categories

• add products and update product information

• define, which of the store products will appear on the storefront as featured

• add products and update product information

• assign products to categories created by the store administrator

Operating the store • create user accounts of administrator, provider and customer types

• manage user accounts/profiles

• manage provider commissions

• access accounts of other users to adjust their share of store settings or to perform actions on their behalf

• create user memberships, assign memberships to users and control the set of features available to members of different membership groups

• view customers’ orders and change their statuses, as well as details (using X-AOM), if necessary

• view store statistics

• import/export all types of X-Cart store data

• generate a static HTML version of the product catalog (HTML catalog)

• set discounts that will be applied to orders exceeding specific amounts

• view customers’ orders

• import/export some types of X-Cart store data (product information, destination zones, shipping/tax rates, orders)

Customizing the store's look&feel • edit X-Cart templates

• edit the text of X-Cart interface

• translate the text of X-Cart interface into other languages

• create additional pages to be used with the store

• control X-Cart's Speed bar (a navigation bar with shortcuts to the most important sections of your store)

Maintaining the store • view essential store information using the Summary page

• use advanced X-Cart tools to optimize X-Cart database tables, check database integrity, clear statistics, clear templates cache, remove unwanted data, etc

• verify the integrity of X-Cart files using system fingerprints

• view and manage X-Cart logs

• upload files to a directory on your store's server using X-Cart's file manager

• define the location of the image repository (database or file system)

• backup / restore the database

• upgrade X-Cart / apply patches

• view essential store information using the Summary page

• upload files to a directory on your store's server using X-Cart's file manager

In X-Cart GOLD and GOLD PLUS, the store's back end is a single environment in which there is no subdivision into Admin and Provider areas. Accordingly, the administrator and provider accounts are combined into one: administrator/provider account.

Administrator, provider and administrator/provider accounts cannot be created by simple profile registration, like customer accounts. Accounts of these types can only be created manually by users with full administrator privileges (store administrators not assigned to membership level 'Fulfillment staff') via the 'Users Management' section of the Admin area.

Please be aware that any administrator or administrator/provider account can be used to create accounts of any type.